Geo Sport: The Trend Illustrated

The colorful prints and bright hues of summer days have passed on by… but fret not, fall makes way with plays on stripes, vertical grids, and floral prints all in graphical black and white arrangements. In this case, opposites surely attract. Black and white graphics enable us to keep our look clean and sophisticated without losing our edge. My personal favorite way to achieve this look: a wide leg vertical stripe pant with a simple white/black ensemble on the top. It’s elongating and flattering on any shape, and can take you from day to night with the swift change of a shoe and bold lip.

Above: Crossed Paths Pullover

fashion illustration nia wang

Avery Striped Trouser

fashion illustration nia wang

 Smitten Kitten Patterned Jacket, Angels Intarsia Seamless.

Shop Geo Sport.

Illustrations by Nia Wang.

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10 years ago

BEAUTIFUL illustrations! I think this is a really cool trend and it’s great because it can translate into so many different looks and seasons.

10 years ago

beautiful illustrations – nicely done!

That first illustration kills it!! Great job Nia!

10 years ago

Thank you very much Alexa, Eva and Taylor!! :D