Happy Birthday BLDG 25 Blog! 7 Days Of Giveaways Start Today

It’s hard to believe another year has already gone by!  Today marks the 7th birthday of the blog, and we can’t believe how fast it is growing up.  In addition to the BLDG 25 Blog Love Awards that we announced on Monday (keep sending in your nominees!), we have another fun birthday treat for you all. Starting today we are doing 7 days of blog giveaways to thank all of you lovely readers for being a part of this community with us.  We wouldn’t be here without you!  Check back every day through Friday, October 25th, to see what the prize of the day is — we’ve got some really cool stuff up our sleeves :).

free people blog diy giveaway

Today’s prize comes straight from our hearts.  It’s a very personalized package of some of our favorite DIYs we’ve made over the past year!  These are the exact items we made, so they are about as unique and one-of-a-kind as they come.  Included in this package are the Macrame Wall Hanging, Painted Stick Photo Display, Mason Jar Sewing Kit, Wood Burned Jewelry Box and Chopstick Set, and more little trinkets :).

To win this prize: Tweet the link to this blog post, and leave a comment with your Twitter handle below!

Thanks for being a reader of our blog — here’s to another great year!


The blog team :)

free people blog birthday cake

birthday cake


  1. Dont have a twitter and hope that this contest can extend to all your avid fans!! Would love to receive these DIY gifts!!

  2. Happy 7th Birthday to the most amazing blog around! Let the Freeps eat cake!


  3. Always come to your blog when I have a little idle time to muse on cool styles, ideas, and diys to execute. Keep on keeping on. :) #happybirthdayfreepeopleblog @bradleyash

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Your blog is always first for beauty diy’s, and a favorite for decor/accessories as well!
    My twitter is @clickclickboom, thank you.

  5. i love this blog so much it’d be amazing if i were to win, and i especially love diy crafts. i’ve made so many things i don’t know where to start; skull cut out shirt, crayon dripping picture, cross cut out shirt, ombre nails and all sorts of other things. this diy giveaway fits perfectly with what i like to do and like i said it would be amazing if i won

  6. @becca_anne_ross

    Hey Free people

    Love you guys, I hope you hippies have a wonderful birthday!

    Love Becca from Canada

  7. Happy Birthday BLDG 25 <3
    and good luck to the lucky winner(s)…
    I can't take part in this contest, I don't have a twitter acct.
    I know, I am such a loser! haha :)

  8. Happy Birthday! A HUGE thank you to the creative individuals that make this blog so awesome (blog team), you put %100 into each post and inspire so many with your writing and ideas. I strive to express myself through everything I do and a lot of my inspiration is from this very blog. Checking the blog has become a part of my daily routine, so again thank you, we appreciate it and love you!



  9. Happy Birthday!! Always happy to open up my internet browser and have this blog as my homepage. So inspiring!


  10. @HannaPerson

    I made a Twitter account just for a chance to win this! Please pick me! I love everything you guys do:)
    And Happy Birthday!! Hope it is a wonderful day for all of you:)

  11. Happy Birthday Free People! I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating this week! I am an avid follower of the free people blog, and use it as a source of inspiration for decor! I used the tips from the relaxing office environment post at my own cubicle! Thank you for your posts!


  12. Thanks for being a constant source of inspiration! From the Music to DIY, you guy do it all! Happy Birthday Free People BLDG 25 : ) Blog


  13. @alliemaecalder

    i’ll wish on all the shooting stars and stoplights i come across that i can win something this week! :)

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