Illustrated: The Elements And Our FP Girls

The Elements — believed to mirror the most essential foundations on which all matter is built; Earth, Fire, Air, Water (not pictured here)… and what I like to think of as the fifth element, Spirit.  The fifth element (in both Buddhism and Hinduism) is said to represent that which is beyond the physical or material.  The Spirit goes far beyond our grasping or understanding in a scientific matter, extending to a realm that cannot be measured or quantified.

When our November catalog released, I found myself sitting and thinking about each of these elements. How we all have the tendency to appropriate ourselves to each one, depending on our sign… our personality traits…. or what we are drawn to innately. With each element, we see a part in us or a reflection that we would like to see more of.  Most of you know about our different girls… and here, I realized how perfectly each one fits with an element all her own. Meadow, our bohemian free spirit, reflects Earth to its truest form. Ginger, our sexier confident individual paints Fire tried and true. Candy, lighthearted and delicate, Air seamlessly fits with her traits. Lou, our tomboy girl…. our rocker chick… she spoke Spirit to me. She has traits that take from each girl before her, but an individuality and uniqueness that gives a twist all her own.

While all our opinions may vary, who is who… why, and where we lay in it all ourselves… one thing we can all agree on?

Nia’s paintings never cease to amaze. She always blows my mind with each piece she sends…. Thank you Nia for sharing your beautiful work with us all.

free people meadow

earth Meadow


free people ginger



free people candy

Air Candy


free people lou


Shop LOU

Nia Wang is a painter and visual artist, she captures those subtle and  dreamy moments of life in detail with her watercolor and brushes. See more of  her work and connect with her on Instagram @catsndreams.

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10 years ago

These are all seriously so so beautiful! I am obsessed, she is so talented!

xo, Juliette Laura

10 years ago

These pictures are rad!!
xoxo Annejelina

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10 years ago

Gorgeous drawings, I love them :)!


10 years ago

These are lovely! Although I would have liked to see my element (water) and my girl (Sandy) represented – I believe they would go together nicely. Still, gorgeous paintings and the descriptions were spot on!

10 years ago

beautiful illustrations…and the clothes are dreamy, so excited for the holidays. I hope Santa brings me some FP…haha ;)