Tuxedo Girl Styling Tips From Our Stylists

Whenever our lookbook for the month drops, it’s always fun to get an inside scoop on the styling that goes behind it from our stylists. This month, the lookbook is called Tuxedo Girl, and it’s all about taking classic black and white tuxedo elements, but mixing in some shine to add in a girly feel to a more masculine look. To learn a little bit more about the trend, I asked three of our stylists to give us some tips when it comes to capturing the tuxedo girl look, and to also style an outfit of their choice using elements from the trend. I love seeing how each of them interprets it in their own way!

Mandi’s tip:

styling tip from mandi

plaid shirt and black pants

sparkly shoes


Get The Look: Rails Mix Plaid Buttondown Shirt, Encrusted Easy Pleat Pant, Opulence Ankle Boot, Sailor Cap Beanie.

Chesley’s Tip:

styling tip from chesley

girl sitting on ground

white pants black hat

Get The Look: Solstice Sequin Skinny, Sleeveless Tuxedo Buttondown, Matador Hat, Flash Dance Shoe Boot.

Ebony’s Tip: 

ebony tips

pants and heels

close up of bra and shirt

Get The Look: Houndstooth Knit Slouchy Jacket, Debut Denim Buttondown, Bat Your Eyelash Bra, Menswear Trouser, Solitaire Heel.

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8 years ago

I love the photo shoot! Very raw and intimate, thanks for the tips love!
<3 xoxo Annejelina

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8 years ago

Such a beautiful post, wonderful tips, love the handwritten notes!

xo, Juliette Laura

8 years ago

Very Nice!(:

8 years ago

I absolutely love the mens wear look and adding sparkle for the holidays is SUCH a good idea! I love it, and I’m definitely going be emulating these looks! :)



8 years ago

I love mixing grunge with sparkle as well! Mens wear can definitely be more feminine with just a touch of each!

8 years ago

I love those pants with the stripe down the side. I can’t wait to not be traveling and living out of a suitcase so I can revamp my wardrobe.