3 Ways To Gift Cookies This Season

It’s cookie season! Sugar, gingerbread, chocolate chip…the list goes on. There’s nothing like whipping up a batch of cookies in a warm house as snow falls silently outside. Candles lit all around, and the aroma of sweet goodness floating throughout will surely put you in the holiday mood. Cookies are always a fun and easy treat to bring to holiday parties or to gift to friends and family. This year, I want to share a few festive ways to package and present cookies instead of the ol’ “throw um in a tin and call it a day” game. Using our very own peppermint cookies made from our vegan and gluten free cookie mix, here are three ways to vamp up your cookies this holiday season.

free people cookie mix

cookies on a tray

First, I prepared the cookie mix and made three batches, all of which were a different size. I made some large cookies, some medium and some tiny. For the smallest of the batches, I put them in the oven for 5 minutes at 350 degrees, but made sure to check on them so they wouldn’t burn.

DIY Cookie Boxes

cookie box supplies

This is a really simple DIY, and you might already have most of the supplies needed to make these cookie boxes.

You need:

Wax paper box and wax paper



painting cookie box

First, remove the roll of wax paper from the inside of the box, and paint the entire box so the print and text is covered. I used a gold and white color palette for my boxes, but feel free to use whatever colors you may be inspired by!

finished holiday cookie boxes

I free handed some chevron and snowflake designs on mine using a smaller paintbrush.

cookies inside cookie tray

Once you have your boxes painted to your desire and they are completely dry, line the inside with a layer of wax paper. These boxes were perfect for the batch of tiny cookies I made. Line the cookies up inside the box, and finish off by tying some twine around it to keep shut!

Doily Printed Cookie Bags

cookie bag supplies

I love the idea of giving away cookies in little bags. I found these burlap bags laying around and thought they were the perfect size. You can most likely find some at your local craft store.

What you need:

Small burlap bag (or any small bag you want to use)

Small doily



doily on burlap bag

Place the doily on the bag wherever you want the print to go.

painting over doily on bag

Taking your paint and paintbrush, hold the doily in place and dab down over the holes in the doily. I did a few coats to make sure the print transferred.

printed doily bag

Lift off the doily, and once dry, you have an adorable printed bag that is perfect to package cookies in! These bags were the perfect size for the medium-sized cookies. To keep them from breaking, wrap them in some tissue or wax paper before putting them in the bags.

Cookie Ties

cookies wrapped in twine

This last idea is great if you are having a holiday party and need a fun way t0 present your cookies. It’s as simple as finding some festive string and tying it around a bundle of cookies like a present.

wrapped cookies

You can use this idea on any sized cookie and it’s fun to incorporate a mix of materials. I used some dark twine, the red and white string that was tied on the jar of our cookie mix, and then mixed some rope and suede together to make a braided tie. Serve these on a festive plate and you are good to go!

ways to package holiday cookies

Happy holidays!

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9 years ago

I love gifting cookies this time of year. It’s so rad you guys are selling GF/Vegan cookies on the website, you guys rock! Love the cookies in the painted box too =)
<3 Annejelina

Visit my shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/CrownofCreationShop

9 years ago

I just love your tutorials, and this cookies gift wrapping are amazing!!

9 years ago

These are some really pretty ideas and just in time since next weekend I’ll be baking tons of Christmas cookies !! :)


9 years ago

Beautifully rustic! :)

9 years ago

I LOVE the wax paper box idea! never thought of that!

9 years ago

I love the lil burlap bag with a doily painted on it. This gift idea is so cute!

9 years ago

Such cute ideas!
I will definitely be using these this year.


9 years ago

Super cute idea! Love it!


9 years ago

Such a lovely tips! I will definitely be using of Birthday for my little sister !! Thanks…

8 years ago

I just love this bag idea.its looks so cute. thanks for sharing these grate and beautiful ideas fir gift packing.I also deals in cookies gifts and baskets.It helps me a lot .

thanks :)