Bright Lights Big City

It’s that time of year again. When sparkle and shimmer seem to be the natural state. Piled high accessories and black tights grace your everyday fits, and if at any time a shimmery mini is appropriate, it’s right now. December’s dresses dance in harmony — no matter the matter. Right now, it’s time to match up your shine on the outside as you shine on the in. It’s these dresses that give way to the art of spontaneity.

What is it about these special little numbers? That one dress that enables you to explore the unexpected movement in the everyday instead of  the strategic scheduling of time bouncing around in a predictable cage. The perfect dress, the one that feels just made for you, changes the way you feel. During this month, every year, like clockwork, I find myself putting on the dressiest of fits, even if it’s just to make tea and sit in our hammock (that has since been moved inside). Chopping wood — a chore now done whilst donning a shift dress over skinny leather pants. I know, ridiculous, but I say — why not, when in Rome. It’s the holidays.

We shot this in downtown LA, during the golden hour that soon turned to the darkest of hours. Natalia, our beautiful vivacious Italian model, brought each dress to life as she strummed the streets and talked with strangers that soon became friends. Her quirky personality and love for life mixed with her remarkably charming Italian accent, brought a reality to these dresses, a life that created a lust in everyone on this shoot to put one of these dresses on and stay out all night.

I wish all of you a beautiful and full December. Here’s to all of us, and chasing our New Year’s dreams with undoubted self-love and knowledge that it’s all possible… not a single stone is too heavy to turn.

Much love beauties!


Midnight Magic Fringe, Sunny Bead Collar.




Holiday Dresses Free People

About A Girl Tutu Mini, Shake Senora Sequin Jacket, FP X Crawford Top


FP ONE Taffeta Skirt, Sing A Lacey Tune Crop Top, Sunny Bead Collar, Rosary Locket.




21 (1)_natalia


Shimmy Shimmy Party Dress.


Gauze Sequin Shift, FP ONE Softly Woven Jacket.


Lace Coquette Mini Dress

Photography: Annie Edmonds

Hair and Makeup: Emily Nickrent

Model: Natalia Bonifacci @ FORD

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10 years ago

The Midnight Magic Fringe dress is stunning, beautiful photos <3
xoxo Annejelina

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10 years ago

That hair, I’m dying for that hair!!!! Please do a tutorial!!!

10 years ago

Once again Amy’s words and vision bring everything to beautiful life and resonance! Cheers again!

10 years ago

Loving all of these photos. Such great inspiration!!!

Ms. Wild
9 years ago

Wow! such amazing photos! what camera did annie use?