What To Pack: Beach Getaway

As the cool air turns to a harsh chill and holiday vibes are all around, many of us are prepping to travel to far off lands, where the bright sun beats down onto our sea-salty hair, waves crashing refreshingly at the tips of our toes.

And for those of us who won’t quite make it to a place like that this time around, we’re certainly dreaming of it. Here’s what to pack for a tropical beach getaway.

The Solid Eagle Shadow Swimsuit is perfectly provocative in all of its strapped-up glory. You can shield the sun with the Paper Braid Wide Brim Hat and Goodnight Moon Sunglasses, and finish it off with a single cuff like the Mixed Plating Etched Triangle Cuff. Slip your freshly manicured toes into the ever-lovely Arizona Birkenstocks, throw on the easy Marrakesh Dress, tie your hair into a top knot, and you’re ready to go. The Santiago Patchwork Backpack can hold it all while you travel.. and then double as an unquestionably beautiful boho beach tote once you’ve reached your destination.

Girl hat bangle tropicalSee what to pack for a mountain getaway!

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  1. YES, this year we are off to the warm weather. We are heading to Daytona…then South Beach…and our final destination Key West! We are leaving on Christmas Day (in the later afternoon). I am so ready for some rays, the snow here in the mtns. has been non stop!

  2. Great items! I love my birks!

    Note To Free People: I am a fashion + beauty writer in SF, CA and am hosting a dreamcatcher workshop in March. Who can I get in contact about possibly doing it for FP?


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