Song of the Week: Wild Child “Silly Things”

I’ll speak for myself here – feel good music comes in heavy rotation during the holiday seasons. Tunes that strum in and out of my ears are those that bring deep seeded feelings of love and nostalgia, of friendship and little moments that make life sing with thankful memories. This duo, Wild Child, has that uncanny ability to make you smile in nearly any occasion of mood. When I watched this video, filmed in the beautiful Palace of Fine arts in San Francisco… I just smiled. That’s it, couldn’t stop. It’s the simple things really, just a good solid smile is so treasured. I see two dear friends here, friends that have a love and connection that need not be labeled. Strolling through a park with their instruments of choice, talking by way of song. Raw, natural, totally spontaneous… these two take you with them on a whim. I want to just hang out with them and giggle about random things, people watch and make up songs that may or may not have any real relevance.

Check out the their album HERE.


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