Inspired By: Sasha Pivovarova

Model, artist, mother, muse…  Sasha Pivovarova endlessly inspires with her array of talents.  So much more than a pretty face, this is a woman with a beautiful soul and artistic vision. Get a rare glimpse into her personal world as she talks about her artwork, and what inspires her, in this video accompaniment to our January catalog. And below, check out some of the drawings Sasha did just for our catalog, along with a few behind the scenes snaps of her amazing artwork, courtesy of Thomas Northcut!

Shop the January Collection.

sasha pivovarova free people

sasha pivovarova free people

sasha pivovarova artwork

sasha pivovarova free people

sasha pivovarova free people

sasha pivovarova artwork

sasha pivovarova free people

sasha pivovarova free people

sasha pivovarova artwork

Shop the January Collection.


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Such an inspiring woman! Loved this movie, could watch it over and over again :).


Wow! This is phenomenal. Her art is so beautiful and so is she!

MacK @ SoulMakes | Blog


That was beautiful!

This is exactly why I SO look forward to fp’s catalogs – what beautiful insight into a beautiful soul. The art, the fashion and the woman herself are worth so much more than a just a rave review, but consider it a token of my appreciation for a glimpse into such an inspiring world:


WOW, I am speechless…she is a unique beautiful soul both inside and out! I love her art and the way she has chosen to express it, that embroidery on the tent is amazing…thanks for sharing!

Such an inspiration! I love how many creative outlets Sasha has. It’s so important for artists to realize that you aren’t limited to one specific craft. Being an artist is having the viewpoint of creativity in everything you see, say, and create <3 Thank you for the video, such a great way to start the day =)
xoxo Annejelina

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Thank you for this wonderful video….she is really an inspiring woman. I can’t stop looking at her beautiful artwork, the cute dolls….everything…


Love this! Does she sell her art? I would LOVE to buy something


Whos music is in the background?? i tried googleing cowboy and did not have much luck finding it haha


Cowboy – Hand to god ;)

She’s such a cool, beautiful person! She’s totally inspirational!

x Kelly

Gorgeous artwork! She seems very sweet!

she’s amazing! I feel a connection between her art and mine. :)
great feature!


So inspiring. I got out my watercolors last night. Nothing next to this, but inspired by it nonetheless. Thank you for being so cool.

Absolutely beautiful & inspiring, SO free people :)

xo, Juliette Laura


What gorgeous artwork! She is super talented!

She’s gorgeous AND talented. So lovable! Thank you so much for featuring her on your blog <3

The artwork is BEAUTIFUL and so inspiring! She is a mom too! *added bonus* #mumpower




I’m so sad that this video is no longer on youtube as it was hugely inspiring. Will it be back again? Xx