Send Us Your Wedding Photos (& Make This Pretty DIY)

Love is a beautiful thing… and weddings are beautiful ceremonies. We are endlessly inspired by the gorgeous bohemian weddings that we’ve seen — whether in person or online — and love nothing more than to share this beauty to all.

With that said, if you’re married yourself, and happened to wear a Free People dress at your wedding – or if your bridesmaid’s wore Free People! – we’d love to see your wedding photos! Please send them our way for a chance to be featured on this very blog! :)

Send your photos to, subject: Wedding Bells. But first… enjoy this simple DIY for a wedding name card holder!

Name cards are one thing you can always be sure to find at weddings… you’ve got to know where you’re going to sit, right?! I always love when they’re hand-done. It gives them such a nice feel, and makes for an adorable souvenir for your guests to take home. Here’s a really simple idea that would be perfect for a spring wedding. You can add any flowers of your choice to fit in with the overall vibe of this long-awaited special day of yours.


Textured paper
Fabric scraps
Glass bottles of your choice
Flowers & greens of your choice
Wooden sticks (I used coffee stirrers)
Hot glue gun

DIY wedding name card holder 2


1. Cut a small rectangle of cardboard, as well as a piece of fabric that is slightly larger.

DIY wedding name card holder

2. Cover one side of cardboard with fabric, hot gluing on the back to secure. Then, attach the wooden stick with hot glue.

DIY wedding name card holder
3. Flip over, and use hot glue to attach a small piece of paper with a guest (or couple)’s name. Wrap the sick with string, securing in place with a few dabs of hot glue as you go.

DIY wedding name card holder 5
4. Pop it into your glass bottle, along with some flowers and a bit of fresh water. Simple as cake!

DIY wedding name card holder
A table full of these would look really beautiful using different glass bottles of all sizes and shapes. It would also be cool to vary the fabric used… lots of opportunity for color here! :)

Now… if you’re already married, go send us your beautiful wedding photos!

Send to, subject: Wedding Bells.

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Unfortunately my wedding isn’t until April and it super small so no name tags. But I would love to see others for inspiration.

These are so so beautiful. I’ll keep in mind for when I (someday) get married!

xo, Juliette Laura

Can’t wait to see the results… I eloped so I don’t have anything to share, but I love seeing relaxed, happy wedding photos.

So cute! These can also be used as name-cards on the holidays or dinner party!

Alex xx

So cute! These can also be used as name-cards on the holidays or dinner party!


How about freepeople inspired wedding dress? Hihi! Been lurking around your blog for years and how I wish you have a freepeople office here in the Philippines.

great,well done,i really like all of it made