We Dare You: Change It Up

Each and every one of us has a go-to outfit. We wear it during important and exciting times to feel our best, and we wear it on blah days when we don’t feel like thinking.

It could be a vintage tee and a maxi skirt, a pair of boyfriend jeans and a crop top, a mini skirt and a floppy hat… Whatever it may be for you, it’s a combination of clothing elements that, when put on your body, makes you feel like you.

But what about mixing it up for a change? I had a little eye-opening experience the other day that I wanted to share with all of you. You see, those who know me — and probably even a bunch who don’t — know what they can expect to find me in: some form of mini dress with thigh highs and ankle boots. Point blank. It’s my look and it’s been my look for quite some time.

Floral dress, thigh highs, ankle boots on laceBut one recent morning, I found myself in a slight rush. I couldn’t find a pair of tights to wear beneath my thigh highs, so I reached for a pair of denim skinnies. BLUE denim. This is very unlike me, but I went with it.

Jeans and dried flowers

Since I was wearing something different from the norm on the bottom, I was subconsciously led to choose something different on top: a tunic that I’d never before worn, for some reason or another. And then my hair — which is normally just worn down — somehow found its way into a knot atop my head.

Printed tunic, top knotAnd this different look called for different shoes: a pair of well-loved boots that I’d seemed to have pushed out of my mind.

Black suede and leather zip bootsThis casual look called for loads of jewelry, and I found myself piling on the bracelets and rings much more than I normally do.

Bohemain jewelry, red wallpaper

And then… lipstick! I often wear red lipstick during the day, but somehow pink was what I found myself feeling.

Pink lipstick, dried flowers

And you know what? I felt on top of my game all day. One little shift from tights to jeans snowballed into an entirely new look for me, and this look — because it differed from my norm — made me feel refreshed.

Ruffle tunic on wall, jeans, bootsSo my challenge for you is to change it up… just for one day. Never let go of your go-to look — that look is yours and yours to keep — but once in a while, a little change snowballs into a big change, and your eyes are opened to a world of possibilities.

And if this can happen with a tiny change made in your outfit, imagine what other aspects this can apply to in your life? The opportunities are as big as the universe.

Items shown: Ruby Tuesday Mini Dress, Speckled Slouch Tall Sock, Brooks Ankle BootBold Print Tunic, Braided High Rise Skinny, Cyd Zip Boot, Brass Cluster Bracelet, Brass Coin and Chain Bracelet, Kai Necklace Pendant, Su Necklace Pendant.

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8 years ago

lovely photos, a change is always good, something fresh and new. kinda like spring.

Ella Wild xoxo,
Visit my store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/HeartJewelryAlways

8 years ago

I’m the exact same way! So cute Bridgette!

8 years ago

I’ve always wanted to change things up in my wardrobe but I’m not a huge risk taker. I like to keep things rather simple and look effortlessly pretty, like I wasn’t trying too hard. But of course, change is always good!


8 years ago

LOVE this post… I’ve been rediscovering clothes that have been packed away during the winter and it’s making me def shake it up a bit.



8 years ago

Love this look!

8 years ago

Great idea! I totally agree with you. I often get stuck in the all black routine during the winter months, I love that shirt by the way! Xx. Tiffany { http://www.sunshinedaydreamphotography.com }

8 years ago

This is jst what I needed to hear. My go to look is all black, and so today, yes I wore black booties and a black sweater, but threw on some blue denim! Thanks for the inspo!


8 years ago

This is exactly how I’m feeling today- in need of a change! Where can I find that black dress with the flowers??

8 years ago

Such a wonderful post! I love the idea of switching things around, its such a wonderful way of breaking free of the daily routine and finding a fresh perspective and new things to love. Someone once told me to “do one thing different every day”…when I do I find I refresh my creativity and love of life. Thank you for the reminder expressed in such a wonderful way! https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheWeaverOfWords

8 years ago

I have a “go to” look that I wear only when everything else fails as opposed to wearing it all the time. It’s kinda like my emergency kit look “Brake glass and wear only when every thing else doesn’t fit or looks right” And that tunic, Brigette, you never wear that tunic??? Girl, if you don’t want it I’ll buy it from you, I’m serious. Love the look you came up with, and the lipstick, there are no words…!

8 years ago

I feel I need to change up my usual outfit. I’m always reaching for a pair of jeans and t-shirts almost everyday.

8 years ago

skinnies, heeled boots, tee and plaid with a beanie almost everyday. My poor unloved dresses!


8 years ago

With the weather being unusually warm for the middle of jan., I was able to wear shorts!! Which I haven’t been able to do in a while, due to cold weather. I was kind of stumped on what to wear at first– since I usually am more keen on the winter/fall outfits and layering, that kind of stuff. I also usually wear darker colors– especially with the season and all. But I looked through my closet and found a PERFECT blue and white polka dot ruffle tank and put it over a pink top. Denim shorts, converse, colorful make up and loads of jewelry looked great with this. It felt great to take a change!! It’s been so long since I’ve worn summer/ spring clothes since its been cold!! A nice surprise warm day is always great. I go for darker colors in the winter, brighter towards the summer. Tomorrow if the temp’s still high, I’m planning on wearing my favorite pink lace tank top from FREEPEOPLE paired with jeans, jewelry, and cute gold sandals.

8 years ago

I love this post about trying new ways to update your style. My blog also shows you how to make small changes with big effects.


8 years ago

Change is always good. Here are a few things I’ve been into lately…

8 years ago

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