Homemade Pressed Flower Lollipops

There’s something about a pressed flower that just grabs my heart and holds it as tightly as can be. I’m always looking for ways to use pressed flowers, and I thought that putting them into a lollipop would be the perfect little treat around Valentine’s Day.

Make these for your love, your friends, or just for yourself, and enjoy the incredible beauty of a mini pressed flower delicately suspended in a sheer piece of candy!

The first step is to gather some edible flowers! Most lollipop molds are fairly small, so try to find edible flowers that are small as well. You’ll also want the flowers to be fairly flat — these are always the best bet when it comes to flower pressing. Some options are viola, pansy, lilac, and daisy. (Make sure the flowers you use are truly edible. Some flowers are toxic and can be very harmful to the health!)

Press your flowers between two pages in a book, using two fresh pieces of paper as a barrier. Place a heavy object on top, and leave untouched for about a week.

Pressed flower hands

Now, I know Valentine’s day is actually tomorrow, so if you’re looking for a speedier option, you can press flowers quickly using a microwave! Place them between two pieces of paper, and place the paper between two pieces of microwavable ceramic tiles. Rubber band the ceramic tiles and microwave in 30-second increments until the flowers are completely dry.

Or… you can use dried flowers like chamomile and hibiscus, which can be found some at health food stores, as well as anywhere that sells loose tea.

Once your flowers are pressed and dried, it’s time to make the lollipops!

Pressed flower lollipops how-to


1 cup granulated sugar
1/2 cup light corn syrup
1/4 cup water
Food coloring (optional)

You’ll also need a medium saucepan, a wooden spoon, non-stick cooking spray, a lollipop mold, lollipop sticks, and your mini pressed flowers.

1. First, lightly grease your lollipop molds and set the sticks in place. If you want the flowers to show on the outside of the lollipop, lay them in the mold now. If you’d like them to be suspended in the center of the candy, leave them out for now.

2. Heat the sugar, corn syrup, and water, on medium-high heat. Stir until dissolved, then continue to heat undisturbed until the liquid reaches 295 degrees F. Immediately remove from heat.

3. When the liquid stops bubbling, stir in a few drops of food coloring if desired.

4. Spoon the liquid into your lollipop molds, making sure it fully covers the back of each lollipop stick. If you haven’t already added in the flowers, do so now, using a toothpick to position them however you like.

5. Allow the candy to harden — this should take less than an hour. Then, remove your lollipops from the molds, and enjoy!

Dried flower lollipops
The chamomile and hibiscus ones kind of reminded me of these flower soaps I made a few months ago!Pressed flower purple lollipops

*Cleanup tip: Any remaining liquid will harden on your pot and spoons. To remove, fill your pot with water, and place any spoons (and even the thermometer) in the pot. Bring the water to a boil and then allow it to simmer. The sugar and syrup will dissolve in the water, and then you can pour it right down the drain. :)

What’s everyone doing for Valentine’s Day?!

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10 years ago

These are so incredibly beautiful and dainty – This will be a perfect project for my little sister and I to do together when I visit her next month.

10 years ago

Replacing some of the water with a natural juice to give color is another option and can give a rich or delicately washed out color depending on the amount you use!

Berry concentrates and beet juice, kale, etc…

10 years ago

Well if these are not the darn cutest thing I have seen all day. I just won a bouquet of roses from my leasing office (lucky me!) so I think I will press a few roses for making lollipops and give them out at Easter. :)

10 years ago

Honey instead of corn syrup? Heart shaped dried strawberries? You could create so many variations!
I have been looking for some edibles to sell out of my tiny boutique that is attached to the back of my bike, I think these would be perfect!!!

For V-day, having a rainy picnic with spicy chai and homemade goodies…

Thanks for all of your beautiful love day posts.


10 years ago

Oh these are so lovely!


10 years ago

That is magnificent!! I simply adore Free People DIY’s !! :DD

10 years ago

swooning over these.. i’m pretty sure i’ll use a tea like hibiscus or lavender in stead of food coloring :)

10 years ago
10 years ago

Bookmarking! These are so dang adorable! The perfect mini project for someone who’s absolutely obsessed with lollies in general. Thanks FP!

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10 years ago

Birgette you are the bomb. com, love ALL your articles. Do you have an instagram?

9 years ago

Can you use maple syrup instead of corn syrup ?

Mia Fiore
9 years ago

Who was the photographer of these photos?

8 years ago

I would like to know who the photographer is also. Lovely work