Scenes From The Office

Sometimes I snag the best pictures when I perch myself at one of the highest points in our building, and shoot the activity that’s happening down below. I like capturing the office at candid moments, and this leaves me with the opportunity to do just that.

Have a look at what was going on this week!

office hallway

valentines day theme

cup of tea

sitting in print room

desk polaroids

veronica in the office

yarn in the intimates pod

lais getting hair did

yummy treats for birthday

walking in building 3

people from above

What does everyone have planned this weekend?

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7 years ago

Great shots, looks like such an awesome place to work!

7 years ago

I love seeing these office images. What a beautiful place to work. This weekend will be spent relaxing and hanging out with loved ones :)

7 years ago

I love how “Scenes from the office” always have a new way of shedding light on the beauty of BLDG 25. I look forward to these posts and often find inspiration for decorating little areas of my apartment and desk! Thanks!

xx, Tiffany { }

7 years ago

These are stunning shots! Always dreaming of working there…

xo, Juliette Laura

7 years ago

It was great seeing you today, Jana! Hope to see you next week at the FPMe shoot on Thursday. :)
Awesome shots!

7 years ago

I’ll move in now. Kthanksbye. (:

7 years ago

I love the Scenes from the Office feature…….a little glimpse into an ordinary working day (it just happens to be in beautiful surroundings!!!!). My favourite image here is the one with the girl inbetween the drapes….lovely! X