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Part of life’s beauty is that it’s all about perspective; the reality of the universe is whatever you make of it.

I take a ton of photos every day — and edit a ton, as well — and I always find myself in awe of how a simple crop or shift to an image can change the entirety of its vibe.

Lately I’ve been taking a good look at “before” and “after” images side by side, and it’s really gotten me thinking about perspective. I love how one single moment in time can tell multiple stories, creating all different feelings from one mind to another. We all have our own unique eye. While one may focus on the colors present in a certain space, another may focus on the textures. One might feel a deep connection to the emotion portrayed by a face across the room, while another is wondering about that face’s past. Perspective is beautiful because it contributes to the uniqueness of every person, and that very uniqueness is what makes this world such an interesting place to be. And sometimes… altering that very perspective — even just slightly — can open up a whole new world of possibilities.

What You See, What I See

Pressed Leaves

What You See, What I See 4

Weekend essentials on blanket

What You See, What I See 3

Camera, dried flowers

Camera, herbs

Jewelry, plant, hand

What You See, What I See

Feathers, beads, string

Feet, fabric, DIY

Perspective is a crazy thing.

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  1. I love this and love that you included multiple versions of your photos. It really shows how something so slight can make such an enormous difference.

  2. Such a wonderful post! I love studying a beautiful photograph admiring it at first, and then trying to determine what elements of the photograph make it beautiful to me. Is it the light and shadow? Is it the natural wood background? The mischievous smile on the model? I’m fascinated by that sort of thing. Studying the art of others inspires me and helps me to improve my own. Thank you for the wonderful post!

  3. This is so beautiful and inspiring. Thank you all of FP for making my head clearer and my world more beautiful.

  4. I am taking a philosophy class in school at the moment and perspective is the entirety of the course. Being able to understand how you really see things while also being mindful that others’ perspective contain a slight shift is the most magical system in the universe. This was beautiful! And I agree!

  5. Nice post, words and pictures. I am always interested in how two people can see different things in the same picture. Comments are what makes posting them fun.
    Nice to find your blog.

  6. uugggh i love this!!!! being a fp blogger is a dream job…
    also, please tell, what is the last photo? which crafty thing is it for?

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