Blogger Diary: Just Stay

Work had me situated in New York at the end of last week. It’s always a plus when we can get behind the scenes content at some of our bigger shoots. Thursday and Friday were pretty busy days on set, and I had originally planned on making the trip back to Philly on Friday evening. New York (Brooklyn to be exact) has a way of sucking me in though. The faster pace is nice to experience once in a while, and spending time with close friends who I don’t get to see that often always makes for a special weekend. It makes it real easy to hang around a little longer when you have beneficial things weighing your options. So…I stayed.

leaving for philly

coffee in the morning

couch in studio

flowers in studio

pies and thighs coffee

When you alter your plans at the last second, I feel like you are more vulnerable to continue making spontaneous decisions. That one change in the schedule is almost like an off switch for everything else you had planned to do thereafter. I really love when this happens. You become a blank canvas, ready for anything to be thrown at you.

We decided to hop on the train on Saturday and take it to the last stop: Coney Island.

train ride

subway station

walking on road

guy at subway

coney island station

It’s off-season, so the boardwalk was boarded up except for a few hot dog stands. People still strolled about, walking along the wide path with rides on one side, beach on the other. The sun was shining and the wind was strong. We spent the next couple hours enjoying ourselves.

coney island

coney island cream

fun place

ketchup things

dog on boardwalk

fun ride

hot dog

on the boardwalk

beach and kite

nyc picture

Next time you have plans to go home, maybe just stay. See what happens.

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Olivia Crooker
6 years ago

These are amazing pictures! brings me right back there, oh how I miss Brooklyn :/
What type of camera was used to take these pictures?

6 years ago

I would like to know too! What kind of camera did you use?

6 years ago

I’m loving these pictures, they are amazing!! It really makes me want to take a trip to Coney Island, since I’ve never been.

6 years ago

absolutely beautiful photos…wow! i love being spontaneous, too. i have a hard time leaving vacations…so why not just stay! xx

6 years ago

I love these types of photographs, remind me of my own while serving so much beautiful inspiration! Great post! Xx, Tiffany { }

6 years ago

Beautiful photos! I feel the same way about new york! I can’t get enough and get sucked in every time I go!

Krystal |