Behind The Scenes Of Our Intimates E-book

It was rainy and cold as I found myself walking around Long Island City, en route to an address that was unfamiliar. I was eager to get inside since I had heard the Metropolitan building was a photographer’s playground. I arrived at a building with a mid-century-looking door. As I climbed up rickety stairs to the 4th floor, I stopped at each one in-between, poking my head inside to get a look. Dated architecture and vintage furniture of all types made up each floor. I kept saying to myself…”Um, can I live here? I wonder how much rent would be!”

Camille Rowe was the first model to arrive, followed by Farah Holt and Amanda Norgaard. Natural beauties with sweet personalities, it was fun to watch these three work together. It was almost as if I was watching a scene from the Virgin Suicides happen in real life. Their looks were sister-like, and the on-set chemistry was natural and soft. From vintage slips to lacey details, all of the product in the intimates e-book is effortlessly beautiful.

In-between releasing a sneak preview of the collection via Snapchat, and shooting the below pictures, I found myself wandering around the building and chatting with the on-set crew. Being surrounded by beautiful product, people and decor made for an inspiring day. See the magic for yourself in some behind the scenes images below!

camille in robe

Gaia Scallop Hem Kimono

crew behind the scenes

mirror hallway

three girls

inside room

girl on couch

Cassie Kimono, Jacquard Thong, Secret Garden Lace Bra


camille sitting on couch


camille makeup



camille sitting

Mesh Back Cami, Jacquard Hipster

suzie steaming

camille laying down

models talking

Jacquard Hipster

farrah in romper

Talula Romper

intimate room

camille and makeup

putting on jewelry

Tight Floral Lace Pullover

hair and makeup

styling farrah

three models

girl on couch

girls laughing

Shredded Rayon Slip

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8 years ago

this is all gorgeous, and so feminine :)
It would be great if you’d like to check out my little slice of the internet at :) xxx

8 years ago

I love that space! It has always been a favorite of mine.

8 years ago


8 years ago

All those pieces are amazing!! I love that first sweater especially!
Xx, Tiffany |

8 years ago

LOVE this! Also, who won the open call??

5 years ago

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5 years ago

this is all gorgeous, and so feminine
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