Behind The Scenes Featuring Model Jourdan Dunn

I arrived to Fast Ashleys Studios and hung out as the crew was setting up for the day. Lighting adjustments…breakfast delivery…clothes steaming…it takes a minute or two for things to get going. A striking beauty walked in, clad in a denim jumpsuit, sky high heels and a jacket I wanted to steal right off her back. Jourdan Dunn was the model on set that day, and her presence was striking.

With a collection of special occasion dresses to shoot, Jourdan was the perfect muse to make the delicate detailing on each one come to life. It’s definitely entertaining to watch this girl work and pose in front of the camera. I stayed for the day, capturing time spent on set. Check out some behind the scenes images below!

fast ashley studios

on set


jourdan in chair

clothes on rack

jourdan getting makeup done

makeup brushes

Jourdan in dress

 Sand Dollar Knit Maxi

Josh Allen

jourdan on set

jourdan in white dress

suzie styling kit

jourdan in second outfit

 Radiating Angles Dress

jourdan in dress

jourdan in colorful dress

jourdan jumping in air

 Colors Of The Moment Dress

josh taking picture

final jourdan image

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8 years ago

The model and dresses are gorgeous!

8 years ago

I adore this. Jourdan is beautiful and she absolutely radiates FP in this post!

8 years ago

Can You Please Do A Beauty Post Soon On A Make-up Tutorial From The New Catalog. :) I Miss Them And Need A Reason To Stock Up On New Products. The Make-up Was Beautiful In The April Photos.

8 years ago

Jourdan Dunn is completely stunning! Her make-up is amazing! Tutorial, please FP?

8 years ago

Agree! Please post a makeup tutorial especially on which makeup was used on Jordan Dunn in this photoshoot. She looks amazing and models the clothing acceptionally well. I wish I could see more diversity in FP but it’s nice to see a favorite & recognizable face!

P.s Please make border free international shipping to the EU (my friends abroad refuse to shop with FP since Customs charges sooo much- we miss the affordable FP)!!!!

8 years ago

What a pleasant surprise, Jourdan looks fab. Good choice! X

8 years ago

Want to hunt for this dress. What’s it called?

8 years ago

This is gorgeous!

8 years ago

does anyone have the pattern or know where one could buy the white crochet/linen dress.. Have a friend that wants it for her beach wedding next year

8 years ago

or even who the designer is ?

8 years ago

THAT DRESS!!!! oooooooooooooooh (holding my fist to my mouth)!

lacey lythgoe
8 years ago

Would desperately love to know where to get the white crochet dress getting married next year and that is my dress! Thx

7 years ago

love her and dress so much.I would love to know where to buy dress.i am getting married next year! Love ,Love,love the dress!

7 years ago

is the multi-color dress still for sale? Can someone email me a link?

7 years ago

Yes where can I buy the white crochet looking dress. Want!

7 years ago

Where can I buy the white crochet dress? I absolutely love it.

7 years ago

Quiero este vestido el primero que tiene la modelo, como hago para adquirirlo ?