FP Me User We Love: GypsyLovinLight

When I picture a bohemian sea gypsy, I see long locks, sun-kissed skin, jewels sparkling from all parts of the body, and a presence that flows like the ocean…

Helen Janneson is this…and maybe a little bit more. Born and raised in Australia, this girl has made quite the name for herself within the FP Me and Instagram community. If you were to browse the style pics page, sure enough you would come across a picture of this stunning lass, dripping in accessories of any sort with the sand beneath her feet. She’s also known as Gypsylovinlight, and her style is one that is inspiring and fresh. Australia has been on our mind recently, so for this weeks featured FP Me user, we thought we’d introduce you to a local (who also participated in our recent FP Me shoot in Australia!). Read on to get to know a little bit more about Helen!

gypsy lovin light

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helen in jean shorts

Versailles Statement NecklaceRaw Hem Denim Cutoff

Where are you from? How did this shape the person that you are today?

My family is all from Finland, and I was the first born here in Australia. I grew up in Victoria on the Mornington Peninsula near the ocean. My Finnish heritage is a big part of who I am and has shaped my style aesthetic, not to mention my personality in many ways. I am both the quiet observer and the social butterfly. We spent our summers by the ocean and our holidays camping by the lake in the forest. My love of nature was nurtured from an early age by both my heritage and living in this beautiful country.

beach and kimono

Stag Amulet Kimono

Can you tell us a little bit about your area in Australia? What could we expect if we were to travel there?

I now reside in Western Australia. Picture turquoise waters, white sands, long, hot, dry summers and a healthy, outdoor lifestyle. I love living here. I’m slowly transforming into a mermaid ;)

rainbow and strappy back bra

Strappy Back Bra

What inspired you to start your blog? If you could give a piece of advice to aspiring bloggers, what would it be?

My blog naturally evolved as my creative spark returned. The need for a platform to express my passion was building up inside once my children started at school full time. And then one day I had a moment of clarity and created GypsyLovinLight. My blog was created with the intention of inspiring healing in others and expressing my creativity in the process. It has been an extremely healing process for me to follow my heart and do what I love most in life.

My advice – love who you are and do what you love. Be brave and express yourself with total acceptance for the amazing, unique individual that you are. And most of all have fun :)

jewels in face

Electric Stone Hard Bangle Set

What is your favorite thing about blogging?

My blog is the manifestation of all my creative passions. It provides me with a medium to express my love of style and fashion, of photography, of writing, and the best part is definitely the ability to inspire healing in others.

walking down road

Gentle Dreamer DressMatador Hat

You always know how to accessorize an outfit…have you always had a passion for styling? 

Thank you so much :) I have always had a passion for styling, though it wasn’t until late last year that I even began to consider it as something I could do all the time. A whole new and wonderful world opened up to me in that moment. I love the process of bringing each unique piece together to form their own collective. Each piece enhancing one another, the whole outfit then becomes more than the sum of it’s parts.

rings and things

Shapes Midi Rings

With all the jewelry you accessorize with, do you have a favorite piece you always wear?

I have so many favourites! There is one ring in particular that really is my favourite though. It’s a hill tribe Elephant ring. Though I see many similar rings, this one is really one of a kind. The elephant reminds me to stay grounded and connected, to see the strength in vulnerability, and the oneness and interconnectedness of all.

rings and things

Khacha Anklet

Give us a day in the life of Helen…

My day starts with a morning mantra ‘I love and accept myself just as I am’ This simple reminder sets my intention for the day that no matter what is and what occurs, everything is and will be okay. It reminds me that I am already enough and there is no need to control the flow of life.

A cup of chai, healthy breakfast, and I help my children get ready for school. In between the school hours of 9am-3pm I get lost in my own world of styling and creating. I’ll either be on a photoshoot, styling a photoshoot, editing photos, writing, in meetings with other creatives, or answering a billion emails. I love it all so much. Once 3pm rolls around it’s family time. If we are not at the park across the road, riding bikes, singing songs…we are at the beach. Since my husband takes a lot of my photos we often take the children to the beach in the late afternoon. They play and run wild while we create some magic and fun together.

helen at beach

FP ONE Battenburg Bralette, Athina Ankle Boot

Your Instagram account is pretty fantastic. Do you have any guidelines when it comes to choosing the pictures that you post, or a certain style you stay true to? 

Thank you :) I like a fresh look to my photos. As I love to wear a lot of accessories I am always looking for simple backdrops and a lot of natural light. From beginning to end in my blogging process, from choosing what to wear and style, to the photography and posting, I’m always choosing what I love and what appeals to me the most. My focus is to stay true to what I love and that in itself is my style.

pretty shirt

FP ONE Tie That Binds BlouseFP ONE Battenburg Bralette

What are three of your favorite Instagram accounts to follow?

Charcoal Alley – I absolutely love her style, fearless creative expression, and old soul wisdom.

Child of Wild – an amazing collection of tribal and vintage jewelry curated by one very inspiring woman.

Free People – my daily dose of inspiration for fashion, style, health, love and life.

hat and poncho

Embroidered Kimono Jacket, Distant Traveler BeltMatador Hat, Raw Hem Denim Cutoff

What inspired you to start building up your FP Me Profile? 

I’ve always loved Free People clothing and over the many years I’ve continued to resonate with their style and ethos. Since my very first adventures to California back in 1998 I’ve been in love. Every time I visit the US I make sure I go to the closest Free People store for some inspiration. I love how they are all decorated and all the lovely handmade touches. The love and passion that goes into the store creations really show and it can be felt. When I saw Free People had started an FP Me styling platform I jumped at the chance to be a part of this wonderful community.

beach and jewels

Scallop Bottoms, Scallop Top

You just took part in the FP Me Australia shoot…can you tell us a little bit about the day / what was your favorite part? 

It was all completely dreamy. I felt like a little girl again playing dress up with all my girlfriends with the best wardrobe in the world. My favourite part was connecting with the other girls and sharing that same love and passion for style and Free People. Sharing it with my dearest and oldest friend, Nat, was just so special.

Exploring Sydney, in particular the Bondi to Bronte walk, was simply spectacular. I felt like a tourist for the first time in my own country. This was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I’m so grateful to Free People for this opportunity that will be with me forever :)

fp me astralia

Matador Hat, All For U Bra, We The Free Rys Henley

What inspires you the most?

People who follow their hearts. Those who fearlessly express themselves with love and acceptance for who they are. My children – they are my greatest teachers, always reminding me to stay present, to be in my heart, to see the miracles and magic in everyday life. My husbands unconditional love.

hat and kimono

Stag Amulet KimonoAntalya Coin Collar, Bandit Denim Cutoffs

Any exciting projects coming up for you In the near future?

Yes! My husband and I are headed to Bali in 8 weeks to promote some villas and do some amazing photo shoots. I’m dreaming about sunsets, beaches, tropical sunshine and spending quality time with the love of my life.

blonde braid and jewels

What does being “free” mean to you?

Real freedom to me is being at peace with who I am. It’s the total unconditional acceptance of all aspects of myself and what is. I am the creator of my reality, for what I choose, for how I feel, how I think. This knowledge is my key to freedom.

helen on beach

White Dove Lace Shorts

Be sure to follow Helen on FP Me, Instagram, and her blog!

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9 years ago

Thanks for talk about…. brilliant post i wish in future it will be help us

9 years ago

I always love a girl who wants to become a mermaid! Such great style here.


9 years ago

One of the most inspiring interviews! And I am so happily surprised to see a finnish fo me girl, since I am finnish.:’)

9 years ago

Wow, so beautiful. That last outfit is amazing!


9 years ago

She seems like a very cool and creative girl! I love it that she is a mother too.

9 years ago

This is so lovely! <3 very inspiring

9 years ago

this post was so inspiring I literally spent a few hours of my day admiring the details. def following her blog now




9 years ago

Oh my gosh, Helen is absolutely beautiful! I love her sense of style and her daily mantra. I can’t wait to check out her blog and Instagram – she is incredibly inspiring!

9 years ago

She is so unreal, these photos are stunning.


She rocks that hat!! Love her style.

xx Kelly

Kadie Rose
9 years ago

I know its sometimes personal user name, but I really do not appreciate the use of the word “gypsy”. Its a racial slur towards an entire ethnic group of people. I really wish that people would stop trying to glamorize the Rromani and their culture and using the slur “gypsy” which has been used for centuries as a way to discriminate and prosecute that group of people.

9 years ago

Where the white crochet top from ?

9 years ago

You can get the gold tattoos from http://www.flashtat.com/ !! :)

Jenny ekberg
8 years ago

Yay! A Scandinavian heritage girl living in Australia just like me (I’m Swedish/Finnish heritage living in Brisbane. Super cute and inspiring particularly since I’m a mum too! Love love love this girls style xo

8 years ago

Hi, I like your light green linen blouse so much. Can you pls let me know where it’s from?
Very nice post !