Weekend Snapshot: Off The Grid

Off the grid, out of sight, far away from the busy reality of life is where I like to put myself sometimes. 

It’s freeing to think that it’s only you and the great outdoors for as far as the eye can see. The wild west is my favorite of all landscapes to get lost in. You can drive for miles, and all that surrounds is the tan sand on the ground, and rocky hills off into the distance. I’ll grab my best boots, a hat to shield the sun rays, and a poncho to keep in the warmth as the stars come out.

There’s never a plan in mind…only the land to explore.

1) Montana Wide Brim Hat

2) Seamless Mock Neck

3) Cord Zipper Cut Off Short

4) Frontier Bolo Necklace

5) Alpaca Short Pullover Poncho

6) Christie Bucket Bag

bolo tie

hat and poncho

hat feather and bracelets

Enjoy the weekend!

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9 years ago

Love love love that Frontier Bolo Necklace! I think I need one in my life, I love how they can spice up any outfit

xoxo Sara

9 years ago

I really need a bucket bag in my life!
<3 Alice
Aesthetics in Wonder

9 years ago

Love that poncho. It’s on my summer wish list :)


9 years ago
Hypnotica Vintage
9 years ago
9 years ago

Rust colored shorts, oh how I do adore! The whole look is fantastic, as per usual.


9 years ago

All of it… LOVE!