What To Pack For Outside Lands (Playlist Included)

No festival tugs at my heart like Outside Lands in San Francisco.  Not only was SF my home for a little while, but this festival in particular has a magic about it that makes it so very special. Nestled in the trees at Golden Gate Park, the air is heavy with the scent of eucalyptus and moisture from the fog.  The temperature is cool, sometimes outright chilly, allowing you to bundle up and feel cozy as you bounce between stages taking in the amazing artists that play each year.  Festival attendees warm themselves by dancing the hours away, and sipping on hot chocolate and craft-brewed coffee or some of the amazing wine (another benefit to the location – the proximity of Napa and Sonoma Valleys) available at the festival.  I’m excited to be going back this year, and attending with our west coast writer Amy – stay tuned for live updates via Instagram!

In the meantime, here’s a look at a couple of the outfits I’m packing, and a playlist of bands who will be there this year!

what-to-pack-outside-lands (5)

what to pack for outside lands

what-to-pack-outside-lands (6)

what-to-pack-outside-lands (1b)

Get the look: Raw Hem Denim Cutoffs, Exploded Plaid Buttondown, Grandeur Over The Knee Boot, Wrapped Leather Band Hat, Luna Pass Palm Cuff.

As I mentioned in this post, I’m excited to wear over the knee boots with cutoffs and this festival gives me the perfect opportunity to do so without being overheated. I love wearing this with a plaid shirt on top, a fedora, and some simple accessories – I’m really into our chokers and palm cuffs right now!

what to pack for outside lands

what to pack for outside lands

what to pack for outside lands

Get the look: Arlo Destroyed Boyfriend, We The Free Rory Tee, Wrapped Leather Band Hat, Luna Pass Palm Cuff, Palladium Statement Collar, Pacific Coast Sock, Arizona Birkenstock.

This outfit is pretty standard for me. Boyfriend jeans, an easy tee, a fedora, and some birks and socks.  I’ve been living in my birks all summer, and I don’t see myself retiring them come fall – I’m all for wearing socks with them.

Who is going to Outside Lands? Maybe I’ll see you there :).

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  1. I love the half-tucked flannel look! So bummed that I’m moving to SF exactly one week AFTER this festival! I’m hoping that you guys will have a festival-style post afterwards though so I can live vicariously through you haha

    xoxo Sara

  2. wish i was going :( i went last year and it was an absolutely incredible experience! of course the music is great, thats expected, but i was amazed at the array of delicious food, craft beer, wine from the best local vineyards, craft booths and the amazing vibe! it was amazing and i will go again, but maybe next year instead :) have a blast! you guys should have come last year!!

  3. Even though this is more fashioned centered, it can totally be adapted for dudes! This is super helpful because I seem to never know what to pack or I end up forgetting stuff. I recently came across a few different sites that sell “packs” for music festivals. Kind of a neat idea even though it’s not fashion based. Steezy Pack and ElectroPack seem good – especially for EDM shows. But one of the best ones I’ve seen is http://www.justacompletekit.com. Looks like they sold out of their Coachella and Bonnaroo packs already. Just thought I’d drop a note with my discovery!

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