4 Tricks For Cleaning With Lavender

Just like a lot of you out there, I’m the type who’s elated to be constantly creating (read: making a huge mess), but when it comes time to make the house look presentable again, I’d simply rather not. I have found, though, that when the cleaning process is combined with the beauty of aromatherapy, it can truly be quite enjoyable.

Lavender is such a gem when it comes to natural cleaning. The word lavender is actually derived from the Latin lavare, which means to wash. It’s a known disinfectant and deodorizer, and leaves behind a gorgeous, calming scent that instantly relaxes the mind, lifting you up and away. Here are 4 ways you can use this beautiful herb to clean your home!

cleaning with lavender

Fabric softener

½ cup white wine vinegar

5 drops lavender essential oil

Add this mixture to the fabric softener compartment of your washer and fall in love with the soft, beautifully-scented clothing that emerges.

cleaning with lavender

Bathroom cleaner

¾ cup baking soda

¼ cup fresh lemon juice

3 tablespoons natural liquid dish washing soap (I use the Meyer’s brand)

½ cup white wine vinegar

10 drops lavender essential oil

You can use this paste to scrub the tub, the sink, the toilet – even tile floors. After scrubbing, rinse with water and dry with a fresh rag.

cleaning with lavender

Carpet freshener

Sprinkle a handful of dried lavender buds onto a rug or carpet and then vacuum them right up. This little trick has made me really enjoy vacuuming lately – it’s awesome.

cleaning with lavender

Glass spray

1 cup white wine vinegar

1 cup distilled water

10 drops lavender essential oil

Combine these ingredients in a spray bottle and use as you would any window/glass cleaner. I normally have to look away when using a glass spray so I don’t inhale the ingredients, but this is awesome because if I happen to get a whiff, I can just revel in the relaxation it brings.

These are just a few of the million ways to use lavender in your home – feel free to share more below!

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I have been trying to find a way to clean naturally, and this looks fabulous! Thank you!

9 years ago

My favorite all-purpose home cleaning spray (for glass, countertops, etc) is 1 part white vinegar, 1 part rubbing alcohol, 1 part water, 5 drops lavender oil and a few pieces of lemon rind. Love love love – and it keeps windows streak-free better than store bought stuff!

<3 dani

9 years ago

Thank you for the tips !
I love to use lavender to perfume my wardrobe.


9 years ago

Perfect! Definitely will make use of my lavender essential oil now!


9 years ago

ahhhhhhhhhh lavender! i love u so!

9 years ago
9 years ago

Lavender is such a wonderful herb. I am doing post about it this week. It seems like we are in sync with each other on what herb to do ^_^ Maybe the universe is trying to say something.


Wonderful post and all the tips are very helpfull for us .thanks for sharing these tips.

Mary Jo
9 years ago

I’m so glad to see this post. I love growing lavender and it never seems to fail me. I am always thinking of new ways to use it. I like to tie it on my gifts instead of the classic plastic bows we grew up using. So much better to use the treasures of Mother Nature right? It smells great and looks so nice tied to a bottle of wine, a candle or a stack of special photos. Love all these posts and Free People !!!!!!!

9 years ago

This is such an inspiring post – I love the idea of dropping dried lavender on the floor and then vacuuming it up again. I have two lavender plants, one very old, one a year-old cutting from the first, and I’ve done a load more cuttings this year – not only is it a beautiful plant, but I love that it has so many uses!

9 years ago

Love this!
I’m currently doing a series on my blog of recipes using lavender, but I hadn’t thought of cleaning with it!
Fab post, great ideas!
Lorna ✿ http://www.naturally-bee.blogspot.co.uk

8 years ago

If there’s one natural product you should be using it’s deodorant. Do a basic internet search and you’ll find all kinds of inconclusive info about antiperspirant and deodorant being linked to breast cancer. It’s neither proven nor disproven so why take a chance using the expensive store bought brands when you can whip up enough deodorant to last 3-4 months in as little as 30 minutes! Of course, organic ingredients are preferred-lavender is a great choice!
Best regards!
Stratford Carpet Cleaners Ltd.

8 years ago

Thanks for these helpful tricks. Me and my friends love this article :)

~ Northend Carpet Cleaners Ltd.

8 years ago

You are great! I have very sensitive skin and all commercial softeners irritate my skin really badly. I will definitely start using lavender instead. Thank you!

phyllis Catauro
8 years ago

I indicated that my lavender plant is dried up and asked how I can use the leaves. All of the answers say to use lavender OIL. I only have dry leaves. How do I get lavender OIL?

phyllis Catauro
8 years ago

How can I get lavender OIL? I have a plant with dried out leaves. Please reply.

7 years ago

I love to use homemade products for cleaning and this post about the lavender is just amazing. Thanks for the great recipes, they will definitely come in handy any time soon. http://marylebonecarpetcleaning.org.uk/

7 years ago

That mirror in the photo has streaks all over it.