Moss & Meadows Exclusive: Lost Girls

Our good friends Melodi Meadows and Asher Moss recently shot a photo story at the magical Enchanted Rock in Texas. Visit our Tumblr for an exclusive look at the rest of the shoot! 

Asher and I recently loaded up our camping gear and headed out to Enchanted Rock for a 5 day camping adventure. We had different creatives out every day to adventure and create beautiful imagery in this insanely magical location. We were looking to create a photo story of light and dark beauty merging into harmony with one another, and Lainy and Kaimen were the perfect subjects. We woke up early, hiked up the rocky trail, and started making magic. Asher said it best…

“On the high stone, in a land that feels like Mars on a good day, stand two beautiful women nearly six feet tall in stark black & white dresses. As if goddesses from this other planet in command of their own destiny and perhaps the fate of the world. At least I believe it, after seeing them slump over rocks, lay on the hot granite, and crumble into a ball of fashionable beauty. All it makes me want to do is join them and get lost.”

These girls were powerful. 

Visit our Tumblr to see more!

Concept by Melodi Meadows

Photography by Melodi Meadows & Asher Moss (@babynative & @basementfox)

Models: Kaiman Kazazian / Lainy Murdock wearing the Between the Lines Maxi.

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9 years ago

SO COOL. those girls are the coolest.

9 years ago

So so pretty! I love the notion that they are visiting goddesses – they definitely have the look and power stances down. Your images tell such a story.

Warm Regards,

9 years ago

I’ve been waiting to see these photos since you announced your 5 day creative camping adventure on Instagram! These are so amazing – can’t wait to see the rest of them. You guys are such a constant inspiration for me.

xoxo Sara