Trend We Love: Mix Master

It’s funny… there are times when my style feels at odds with itself, my two favorite ways of dressing completely opposite each other.

There’s one side of me that likes consistency. Wearing one color from head to toe is striking, chic, and simple, especially when it comes to neutral tones. I’ll normally let black or white take the solo role, it doesn’t get any easier than that.

But then there’s my print-driven counterpart. I love a good mix-and-match outfit, and how experimental one can get when it comes to wearing print on print. If I have some extra time while getting ready, this is when I’ll start experimenting. Sometimes, I’ll start by literally picking out the most unrealistic pairing I might have in my closet. And while most of the time my first draw is a fail, it opens my eyes to new possibilities. Dark plaid with bright floral? Okay. Tiny checks with large polka dots? Sure.

It might sound crazy, but sometimes crazy works. I’ve learned that mixing prints is all about having the confidence to pull it off. If you have confidence, you’re one step closer to discovering your inner mix master.

mix lead

check and floral

I like to start with a great color combination, if the colors work well together, it makes for easier print pairing. Above, the subtle floral print of the Printed Deep V Boyfriend Shirt paired with the tiny check in the Yard Check Hi Rise Crop keeps the look playful while the red, black, and white color scheme adds a bit of edge.

chair gif

jacket shot

A wider plaid print works well on top of a smaller check. Try incorporating a third piece to the look that will really make a statement, like the Long and Lean Wool Overcoat.

print gif 2

Get the Look: Printed Deep V Boyfriend Shirt, Yard Check Hi Rise Crop, Long and Lean Wool Overcoat, Salt Ankle Boot

alistair print

Get the Look: First Kiss Dress, Nova Scotia Plaid Scarf

Take an easier approach to print dressing by layering a printed scarf or shawl over a patterned maxi dress or romper. The large floral print in the First Kiss Dress works well with the plaid detail on the Nova Scotia Plaid Scarf, and each piece has a touch of navy throughout, tying them both together.

mix mas 6

Mix-matching isn’t just about playing with prints, try incorporating various textures, too. Lace, corduroy, and wool all work together in this look, lending it an eclectic vibe without feeling overly bold. The Prudence Mock Neck Top adds a unique element paired with the muted mix of stripes and floral print in the Quinn Cord Overall. Add dimension by layering a colorful coat like the Every Minute Wool Maxi Coat over top.

coat and overalls

Get the Look: Quinn Cord Overall, Prudence Mock Neck Top, Every Minute Wool Maxi Coat, Knubby Cuff Beanie

What are your tips for mixing and matching your wardrobe? Be sure to share in the comments!

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7 years ago
7 years ago


7 years ago

That is pretty amazing how the photos move back and forth mixing it up! Such an Amazing Effect!!! Totally Love It !!! the fashions are gorgeous too, as always!

7 years ago

Love this post, these photos are great, I also agree, it is fun to move between wearing all one color one day to a total mix master the next!

7 years ago

I love the gifs! This is so cute, she truly pulls off that juxtaposed style.

Warm Regards,

7 years ago

Love the yellow plaid coat! Where is it from??

7 years ago

I love wearing my jeans with dainty floral or lace tops. It gives the pants a softer look.

7 years ago

I LOVE this trend. There’s nothing more fun than mixing prints and textures. It makes outfits so much more interesting. Super inspired from this post!

7 years ago

Where can i buy the yellow plaid coat ?

7 years ago

it is really true moving from one tone dress to multi vibrant coloris great feeling to discover your self

7 years ago

if something in life can not be removed that are colors.