5 Handmade Holiday Gift Ideas

Gift-giving is such a thought-filled process, and when the gifts being given are handmade, each one is filled to the brim with love. Now that the holiday season is upon us, we get to start planning what we’ll give to the ones we love. I’m constantly trying to create cute gift-able things for my online shop, and I realized that some of them could be great inspiration for your gift-giving endeavors this holiday season. Put your own personal touch on these ideas and make something that’s uniquely you – and totally personalized for your beloved recipient. Gifts_1 Beauty products: I’ve always been a huge advocate of giving beauty products as a gift. This year, make some of your own! Whip up a batch of aromatic natural deodorant or body scrub, and package it in the sweetest glass containers you can get your hands on. I love to top off each jar with a few dried lavender sprigs. Gifts_2 Gifts_3 Aromatherapy terrarium ornaments: Get your hands on some empty, fillable glass ornaments and turn them into terrariums using dried moss, tiny twigs, feathers, and dried herbs and flowers like lavender and chamomile. Not only are these beautiful to look at, they’re easier to take care of than living terrariums, and you can pop them open for a whiff of beautiful, instant relaxation. Plus, they’re not overtly “holiday,” so your recipient can display them in his or her home all year round. Gifts_4 Mini zen gardens: These are so much fun to make. Find a beautiful, unique container (flea markets are great for this!) and free hand some painted designs on the outside. Then, fill it with sand – bonus if you collect the sand yourself. Top your creation off with some crystals, feathers, hand-painted rocks, and anything else you can think of. I’m in love with the moon shape of the container you see above! I saw it at a thrift store, and immediately knew how I’d use it. (Psst… See our tutorial on how to make a zen garden.) Gifts_5 Beaded jewelry: Jewelry is a wonderful classic gift that always seems to be appreciated. I love the idea of buying a bunch of vintage necklaces with wooden beads, taking them apart, and then creating your own pieces using the beads in a new way. Gifts_6 Mini wood-burned incense burners. This is a new take on our DIY incense burner from a while back! I got these mini birch stumps from a craft store, and then burned little designs into them using a wood burner. To finish it off, hammer a nail into the middle, and then remove it – this is where the incense will be held. Package it up in an adorable box, and pair it with your favorite incense for the perfect holiday gift. What handmade gift ideas do you have this year? Let us know! Don’t have time to DIY? Check out our gift shop for more amazing gift ideas! Follow Brigette on Instagram, and have a look at her blog and Etsy shop!

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8 years ago

I adore the ornaments! They have been pinned to my DIY board – it’d be so great to have a gathering of friends over to make them!

Warm Regards,

8 years ago

such wonderful gift ideas! I think a gift is so much more meaningful when its specially made by hand. Thank you for sharing these adorable gifts!

Best Wishes for a Wonderful Holiday Season!

8 years ago

These are so gorgeous! What good ideas!!


8 years ago

Handmade crafts are the sweetest gift to give in my opinion. Cause you give your time and effort by making it

8 years ago

LOVE the ornament! Adding it to my holiday “to-dos” immediately!




8 years ago

Perfect! I was planning on making homemade things for some wonderful friends of mine and this is just what I needed.


8 years ago

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7 years ago

What awesome ideas! I believe any gift that is handmade is worth more than any that you could buy with money. The love and effort that goes into handmade gifts is what makes them special.

5 years ago

Lot of hard work is seen in all your gifts. Gifts become more expressive and special when personalized. I love your Aromatherapy terrarium ornaments, it looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing such ideas with us.

I think all of your ideas are must try! Thanks for sharing.