Monday Quote: Rooftop

Let’s sit on a rooftop at 2 am and talk about life. 

In the midst of the  cold, this quote reminds me of the warm summer nights that have recently fallen behind us. My friends and I always had one goal in mind…

Find a rooftop.

Getting to the top is an adventure, but we’d always find a way. The second I plant my feet and look out to the night sky brightened by city lights, that moment is when I feel most alive.

We’d dance under the stars, laugh at  life, and take in the cool breeze that gently brushed our skin. There’s something about being out in the open, high above the street, that makes freedom feel ever present.

The cold has me grounded for the moment, but I dream of the days when rooftops yet again become my second home.

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9 years ago

sitting on a rooftop, especially at night when everyone is asleep, feels serene and strangely spiritual to me. Perhaps its because no one else is around except a good friend, the stars decorating the expanse of black sky and the silvery light of the moon. thank you for this lovely reminder to stop and enjoy the beautiful world around us.

9 years ago

Hi FP – When can I expect the November calendar? I’ve been hanging out for it all week but nothing :(

9 years ago

where are you guys?? I don’t know how to make it through the week without chu!! lol come backkkk

9 years ago

I think something is going on with your site!

It hasn’t shown new posts on the main site since Nov. 3.

We miss you!!

9 years ago

HEY FP!!!!

Your daily posts are not showing….this article is the ‘most current’ when you click on the homepage. Though I see you have posted new articles when clicking on the ‘Fashion’ , ‘Music’ etc it says your last post is Nov. 3.

Miss you terribly, hopefully this issue gets resolved soon!

Lots of Love

5 years ago

Funny because I work on roofs and talk about life all day long with my friends and coworkers. Love the quote, makes me think a lot. Appreciate the share.