The Spirit Your Mini Bar is Missing + Two Cocktail Recipes

Many of us here at the home office have a favorite brand of spirits we swear by: Art In The Age. Head to any employee’s holiday party, and you can bet they’ll have a bottle sitting atop the mini bar.

The spirits have a full depth of flavor, melded together with clear craftsmanship and inspired by traditional – although sometimes forgotten – recipes. Especially in the colder months, it’s hard to resist the spiced flavors of SNAP or ROOT in your cocktail. So do your mini bar a favor, and get it stocked.

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We were fortunate to work with the spirits brand at our Holiday Nights event earlier this month. Their team crafted two very special cocktails that are perfect to serve for any upcoming holiday festivities. The first is a rosemary and cranberry spritzer made with SAGE, and the second, a ginger beer and ROOT cocktail with lime. Sound delicious? Your guests will think so too!

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Rosemary + Cranberry Spritzer with SAGE:

Mix together:
1 part (oz) SAGE
3 parts cranberry juice
1 part club soda

Image 4

Ginger Beer + ROOT Cocktail:

Mix together:
1 part (oz) ROOT
4 parts ginger beer
Garnish with a lime wedge/wheel

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