Last Minute Gift Wrapping Ideas

I used to hate wrapping gifts because I was terrible at it – I always got the wrapping paper all wrinkled and cut it unevenly… trust me, it was a mess. Once I realized that I didn’t have to use traditional wrapping paper, a whole new door opened up. Wrapping gifts is something you can have fun with and be creative with — there are no rules. Since then, I’ve come to love wrapping gifts almost as much as I love giving them. Each one is a work of art, a personalized creation that will make the receiver smile before they even see what’s inside. I also love using little homemade toppers that are gifts in themselves.

Here are some ways I’m wrapping gifts this year – let me know your own methods in the comments!

diy holiday gifts supplies

cardstock box 3

DIY Cardstock Boxes

I never seem to have boxes to put gifts in, and this year I decided to just make my own. I was surprised by how easy it is – all you need is some cardstock, scissors, and double sided tape!

diy holiday gifts cardstock

I used 8.5 x 11 cardstock for my boxes, but you could definitely use different sizes to alter the size of your box.

box step one

Step One: Lay the cardstock horizontally and fold so that the two sides meet evenly in the middle.

box step two

Step Two: Turn the cardstock vertically and do the same thing, folding so that the two sides meet evenly in the middle.

box step three

Step Three: Cut the cardstock along the dotted lines as pictured stopping when you reach the crease.

box step three (2)

box step four

Step Four: Fold the flaps as pictured.

box step four (2)

box step five

Step Five: When you fold the sides up you’ll see that the edges are uneven – use a pencil to mark where the sides overlap and trim off the excess.

box step six

cardstock box 4

Step Six: Use double sided tape to secure the flaps in place. Repeat these steps on a second piece of cardstock, and you have your box bottom and lid!

cardstock box

The best part is that you don’t even have to wrap the boxes – they look beautiful as is! I like adding a simple white string and then experimenting with different toppers.

homemade gift ideas

Something homemade is a great personal touch – especially if it’s something useful, like this homemade peppermint lip balm.

gift wrapping inspiration

Little charms also make for great toppers – attach them to the gift with some leather cord so they can then be made into a bracelet or necklace!

gift wrapping inspiration 4

A single stick of Palo Santo looks beautiful and smells amazing.

gift wrapping inspiration 2

I also love the idea of topping a gift with a little apothecary bottle filled with essential oil – this one contains lavender oil, but you could also create your own custom scents specific to whoever you’re giving the gift to.

diy holiday gifts

A little bit of gold paint adds subtle elegance.

gods eye

Lastly, and my favorite, is the gods eye. These beautiful creations are meaningful and symbolic, and can be used as little decorative touches around the home. (Learn how to make them with this tutorial from a little while back!).

gods eye 2

gift wrapping inspiration leadDIY cardstock box steps

How are you wrapping your gifts this year? Share in the comments!

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8 years ago

I love the idea of making your own gift boxes. I didn’t realize how easy it was either. I’m already done wrapping gifts this year, but this is definitely something I’ll take into consideration for next year. Or even for birthdays. Thanks for this!

8 years ago

Um this is genius! Totally have the perfect gifts for these DIY boxes.



8 years ago

Love this last minute tip! I actually wrap my gifts this way, but I used my whole food bags inside out to do it. Nice way to recicle and save the environment!

Don’t forget my new bohemian and eclectic finds on Etsy here


8 years ago

LOVE LOVE LOVE these! i too used to find wrapping gifts such a bane but now I completely love it. I’m doing a blog post tomorrow on wrapping my presents and plan to take some inspiration from your gift wrapping. Love the little box. Thanks as always FreePeople for the inspiration.

8 years ago

How pretty! I would love to wrap all my gifts like that!

8 years ago

These are so pretty! I consistently wrap my presents with our old new york times paper, it looks so cool, and you don’t have to worry about all the paper waste.

8 years ago

I love the simple beauty of these wrappings! I finished my holiday wrapping just last night using muslin & hemp twine for some & hand painted water colored paper for others. I found an inexpensive roll of plain unbleached paper perfect for rolling out on a rainy day & painting for gift wrapping all year long. Thank you for another inspiring post!

8 years ago

This year I used plain brown wrapping with red and white simple cloth ribbon. I then stamped merry christmas + the persons name on the wrapping in green. And on Christmas I am added cuts of rosemary to the package so it smells like the holidays. :)
xoxo Kennedy
Northern Indigo

8 years ago

So cute – and very pretty! I cannot resist the beautiful papers, though. But if all else fails, just bag ’em :)

Warm Regards,

8 years ago

Simple but still gives a personal touch, I like it :)