DIY Pennant Wall Hanging

Every once in a while, I love a good rainy day. An excuse to stay indoors, put on some music, burn some incense, and get creative. Using some supplies I had on hand, I created this easy wall hanging that can be modified depending on how creative you want to get! I made two versions – one hand-painted and one embroidered. It adds such a simple, fun element to your décor and could be customized for a certain party or event you’re celebrating!

pendant 1

What you need:

For embroidered pennants: Canvas flags (I found these at Michael’s, but you could also just get some canvas fabric and cut it into whatever shape you want).  You’ll also need embroidery thread, and an embroidery hoop (not totally necessary but makes it a lot easier). A needle, some twine, and small clothespins.

For painted pennants: Canvas flags, paint (I used acrylic), twine, and small clothespins.

pendant 2

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There aren’t any rules to this DIY – get creative and have fun! For the embroidered pennants, I just chose different color combinations that I like and free-handed these little “planets.” I hung them on the twine using the mini clothes pins.

Processed with VSCOcam with f3 preset

The painted pennants take a lot less time – simply paint letters right onto the canvas (I free-handed these but you could use a stencil too!).

pendants 2

The result is beautiful simplicity.

+Which ones do you like better, painted or embroidered?

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5 years ago

So easy and pretty! I’ve seen a lot of pennant DIYs online, but this is definitely the most simple – and very attractive. Love it.

Warm Regards,

5 years ago

This is such a great idea for a DIY – would love to make this and hang it above my bed.

Rae | love from berlin

5 years ago

I love both of them!! This is such a cute DIY

5 years ago

I love the “free” one, it’s so cute. At first I thought it was made out of paper but I like the idea of making it wiht canvas fabric.

xx Cecil //

5 years ago

Totally doing this DIY this weekend while it’s snowy & gross in Philly. Wish I was in TEXAS!

5 years ago

I love this. this is such a wonderful idea to play with your creativity and give your room an inspired new look. Thank you for sharing!

Best Wishes,

5 years ago

I’m going to post my blog post on my travels to the Virgin Islands later today! Just started my blog hope you all like it !

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5 years ago

So Cute and Simple. Perfect rainy day DIY project! All you need now is a fireplace and a cup of hot coco.

Check out The Savvy Heart

5 years ago

Great idea! I think I might actually try this for my next party!

5 years ago

Oh, how lovely! I love planets. This is quite a beautiful and simple DIY. Thank you!

5 years ago

So cute and lovely planets.

5 years ago

wow when I free-hand things they end up looking like chicken scratches. this is very cute!