About A Girl: Around the Home of Our Assistant Art Director, Lizzy!

There’s a certain mystery Philly holds when it comes to homes and decor.

If you’ve been here before, you’ll be familiar with the row-home layout throughout many of the neighborhoods. The streets are tiny, and it’s sometimes hard to believe how many houses actually exist within one block. They’re similar in structure when you look at them side-by-side, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts, right? Right. And you’ll never know what their interiors hold until you step inside.

I stopped by our Art Director’s South Philly home last week, and I have to tell you, I was blown away as soon as entered the front door. Lizzy, her fiance, Mike, and the warm smell of palo santo invited me in. I wasn’t really sure where to look first.

Their house is more like a gallery, showcasing trinkets and furnishings from all ages, each holding a different story. Some made by relatives, some by Lizzy and Mike themselves, and others collected over the years. Everything was placed just right, and one thing I loved is that so much of Lizzy’s and Mike’s creativity lives in each room. You can easily tell that these two have a keen eye for knowing what looks good, and when an assistant art director and photographer with a knack for interior decorating live together, the results are going to be A++.  As Lizzy showed me around, I had to keep picking up my jaw. Each room is entirely put together, in a way that I was utterly inspired by. I was waiting for the invitation to move in, but unfortunately, I need to keep dreaming.

Get to know a little bit more about Lizzy and Mike below, and get inspired by their rustic dream home!

living room


How did you make your way to Free People? Can you tell us a little bit about your current role?

I came to Free People right out of college,  I had my eye on the brand for a long time, and definitely was drawn to the aesthetic. I felt so excited to find a company that held fine art, drawing, hand lettering and painting in such high regard.  When I learned how important this all was to their graphic design, it felt like a true match.

Currently I am the Assistant Art Director.  I work closely with a team of 6 lovely ladies, we’re in charge of graphics and artwork for the website, catalog, etc .. pretty much anything that includes type, art and layout!


coffee table

What’s your favorite part about your job?

Without question, my coworkers. I love collaborating with such wise, curious and adventurous people. Exploring new ideas is a pleasure when you have such an amazing collection of inspiring perspectives.



Where were you before making the move to Philly and what were you doing? 

Before philly, I was at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence. I really got into painting and collage in school, which I still enjoy doing outside of work.  When I wasn’t in class I worked at a cute little vintage store.

lizzy and mike

Are there any amazing hidden gems in your current neighborhood that you’ve discovered?

I live in South Philly, which I love. It has so much history and really has an authentic neighborhood feel. Being able to walk around is really important to me, so strolling down 9th st to the Italian Market for groceries is a real treat. East Passyunk Ave is great for restaurants, plenty of new spots and a lot of good old school Italian places. There are a couple that have opera singers perform weekend nights while you eat – it’s amazing.

surfing and window

kitchen and living room

Your house is by far one of the most amazing spaces I have ever seen. How would you describe your décor style?

We love the beach so there is a good beach vibe in there, and we love to collect keepsakes. Whether it’s one of our old surfboards, a succulent carted home in a suitcase, or driftwood we’ve picked up along the way during a trip, we can’t help but want to be surrounded by our great memories. I love all things handmade, especially wooden or ceramic, so we keep our eyes peeled for old pottery while thrifting. We’re both definitely drawn to that cozy rustic vibe.


pots and shelves

What do you draw inspiration from?

I love films, going to museums, traveling, learning from and watching other artists. I am easily inspired by very simple things like a color, an object, a shape. I love to read blogs, but more than anything…  I am pinterest obsessed.

lizzy in mirror

placing glass on shelf

Where in the house do you find yourself spending most of your time?

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen! We love to cook , and often have friends over for dinner.  On slower days, our kitchen table is a nice sunny reading spot.



What’s one item in your home that has an amazing story behind it?

We really cherish heirlooms and things handed down to us. My favorites are some of our plants which were cuttings from my Grandmothers original plants. One cutting she has given us is from a plant she was given as a teenager.


lizzy in office

Where are your go-to places to find unique accents for your home?

For vintage we love flea markets and usually go to Brimfield flea market every summer. I usually find some good vintage gems on Etsy, and we also love craigslist and Ebay.

For newer items,  I love boutiques that sell handmade and unique pieces. General Store, Spartan, and Moon & Arrow in Philly are some favorites.


I hear you’re getting hitched soon, congrats! How did you and mike first meet?

we met at FP’s creative director Doub’s baby shower.. So funny! I was with the girls, and Mike, with the guys. We all met up after, and the rest is history!


sitting at vanity

What’s been the most exciting part about planning the wedding?

The options are endless which is fun but also hard! You can do anything, go anywhere. It’s been fun to explore and think about what an awesome day for you and your friends would be.



You both are very creative souls… how do you inspire each other?

We both approach creativity differently. Mike sees things with a really interesting eye, and pays close attention to detail. As a photographer, he notices light in a very cool way, or moments in life, which I sometimes don’t see until he gives me a little nudge while we’re walking :)

rooma nd bed


What are some of your hobbies outside of work? Are there any that you especially like to tackle together?

We really love to explore and mix it up. Most weekends we’re hopping in the car to check out a new place, or visit friends out of town.

We love food – cooking, and exploring new food in the area. Actively we like to rock climb, surf, travel, do yoga, or anything that brings us closer to the beach!


back patio

lizzy and mike


sitting at table

What do you think is the best recipe for a happy life?

Be present, mindful and thankful. Be kind to yourself, be kind to others. Travel often, eat well, and move your body!

lizzy end

Lizzy and Mike, It’s been a pleasure. Thank you for letting us in!

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9 years ago

I adore the gallery like home! Just from the photos it’s so clear that every piece of decor and furniture has a story to tell. What an amazing to role to have in the brand xo

Warm Regards,

Talk about a Philadelphia dream home. Loving the beachy, rustic vibe. I can imagine creating beautiful art while sipping coffee in such a dreamy environment!

9 years ago

My life goals right there. Good vibes, gorgeous space.

xoxo Sara

9 years ago

Dreamy place. I wish I could have this kind of home one day.


9 years ago

This post is beautifully written, beautifully photographed and truly so special about a dear dear and creative couple.

9 years ago

This home!!! These people!!! I — I can’t even express!!! Just stunning!!! What a gorgeously designed ah-mazing collection. Such warm, beautiful souls lighting the space up. Um — adopt me?

9 years ago

What a beautiful kitchen and great rustic decor.

9 years ago

That Ocean painting on top of the dresser, was it by Clifford Smith??

9 years ago

love that dresser

9 years ago

I’ve always wanted a hanging chair at home! love the accents and trinkets, especially the motorcycle

The Awkward Blog

9 years ago

Great post! She is so gorgeous and I love her style!

9 years ago

Dying to know where her shirt/tunic is from! Is that free people?

9 years ago

Really beautiful house!
It looks like my dreamy house.