From the Boys: The Ideal Valentine’s Day

The day of love is almost here, my friends. I’ve always had a soft spot for Valentine’s Day – whether I’ve been in a relationship or not. It’s an entire day dedicated to one of the most beautiful forces in existence, and whether you’re focused on feeling it for another being, your own self, or the earth beneath your feet, love is something that deserves to be celebrated.

I was so excited to see the Gifts for Him section on our site this year – and it really got me wondering about Valentine’s Day from a male perspective. I was curious to know how some of my favorite New-York-dwelling dudes prefer to spend this rad holiday, so I asked them to share what Valentine’s Day looks like in their eyes.



Jon-Pierre, Décor Maker

I’d enjoy keeping things simple for Valentine’s. Spend the day driving upstate, listening to music, and making pit stops along the way to take pictures. Find a local diner and eat breakfast foods for dinner. Then, stay in a cabin for the night – never a bed & breakfast. Just me and my girl doing the things we love, together, in each other’s company.

Jon-Pierre’s pick: Large Pouch



Thom, Photographer/Videographer

Ideally, I would just want us to spend the day/night together doing whatever felt right. Being that Valentine’s Day is on a Saturday this year, we could day-hike along the North Shore of Long Island while taking some pictures, have a potluck dinner with some friends, make an impromptu ski trip to Vermont, or similar to what I did last year: attend/film a tastefully raunchy burlesque show. Although it’s severely commercialized, I like this day because it’s the one day out of the year where everyone is expected to express their love in some way, shape or form, whether they have a significant other or not. What better way is there to celebrate love than by doing something awesome?

Thom’s pick: Vintage Doors Poster



Yosef, Music Producer

My ideal Valentine’s date? We meet somewhere over the top, then we get oysters at Maison Premiere and drink too much wine. We laugh for hours. We pick up some Ben & Jerry’s on the way home. Then we light lots of candles, queue up some Arrested Development and see where the night takes us (hint: it’s to snoozeville).

 Yosef’s pick: Whisky River Flask



Niko, Writer

My girlfriend, Gabrielle, will surely agree: this Valentine’s Day will combine many of our favorite hobbies into a jam-packed, love-spiced jambalaya sizeable for two. We plan to consume a pair of iconic Black Label Burgers at Minetta Tavern for dinner, then return to Brooklyn to imbibe Other Half Brewing’s dizzyingly delicious, hop-driven ales at the brewery’s taproom in Carroll Gardens for a nightcap. I can confidently predict my playful licking of Gabrielle’s face, like a devoted Dachshund, at some point during the evening, too. Awwww!

Niko’s pick: Antler Bottle Opener

+ A huge thanks to all my boys for being a part of this post! Show ‘em some love in the comments! 

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7 years ago

They all seem to be very romantic… and cute! ;) Love their Valentine ideas x

7 years ago

Very cute dudes! Great taste, great personalities, & super creative date ideas!

Warm Regards,

7 years ago

My husband and I have always avoided Valentine’s Day because the commercialism just annoys me. This year, I’m really feeling it though. These are all great gifts for guys, but don’t forget that the best gift is your time. :)

Sophia C
7 years ago

This Vday my boyfriend and I plan to go to Castle Hill in Austin, and spray paint something memorable. Then get dressed up and go to the best affordable steakhouse in town. Yum!

7 years ago

hm… my fiancee is working on valentine’s day, and although we planned on doing something sunday, apparently he’s going to be working then, too. But, have fun, all you other folks out there!

7 years ago

Though I always appreciate another perspective, some of my feminist-self just got very upset.
(Though, on the other hand, all of these ideas seemed to be guy-plans-date ideas.)
(On the other other hand, …okay, my feminist side will take a chill pill and focus on my chocolate and chick flicks evening with friends.)

7 years ago

But, um, also,
(I can’t shut her UP sometimes!)
my feminist self likes to focus on equality, and would also like a gay perspective in the article about male perspectives on valentines day. All of these guys talk about women.

7 years ago

This is really sweet, I like hearing about a guys perspective of a fun & romantic date. And to be fair neither Thom or Yosef ever mention gender ;)

7 years ago

These men sound amazing. Where can I get one? :) they’re V-days sound perfect. Easy going and full of love.