Leon Bridges at C-Boys Heart & Soul

I grew up in a house filled with music. It was rare there wasn’t something playing – local public radio during the day, classic rock or current albums in the evening, classical music on weekend mornings, and quite often, but especially over the summer… oldies. Any music that conjures memories of childhood will always make us feel nostalgic, but music from the ’50s and ’60s seems to usher in that feeling no matter what decade you were born in. It makes sense, these are the roots of music, the rhythms and harmonies that inspired so many to become musicians and go on to write the songs we love so much today. Any music lover shares a common history, and that is the history of music. These are the tunes that will always remind us of days long gone, days we look back on fondly and lovingly, and feel deep down to our bones. It’s rare that I hear new music that can bring those feelings to the surface, scratch an itch deep down in my soul, and at the same time make me feel like a kid again, dancing around the house to the records my dad would spin. And then I heard Leon Bridges.

There is something so pure and authentic about the music this Fort Worth, Texas-based artist makes. It goes back to the roots of music; the smooth rhythm, the soulful delivery, the beautiful melodies formed with backing vocalists, and the impeccable style. It combines with the hum of the crowd, the way the audience moves and sways, creating the most joyful live experience I’ve witnessed in a while. If you have the chance, go see him perform live (tour dates here). I can’t wait to catch him again at SXSW.

Check out his website and follow along with his inspiring Instagram feed, as well.

leon bridges 3

leon bridges 4

Photo by @ispysammi via @leonbridgesofficial.

leon bridges 8

Photo by @theerinmargaret via @leonbridgesofficial.

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8 years ago

Beautiful sounds, soul, and photos!

Warm Regards,