On The Road: The Beauty In Saying “Yes”

Being spontaneous is something I’ve never been the best at. People who know me might be surprised at that confession. My personality is so laid back and care-free that you’d expect me to jump at any little opportunity that comes my way. Truth is, I’m pretty cautious.

I don’t like to break the rules. The one time I ever got detention in high school, I think a tear or two was shed. It’s not that I’m scared, but more that I absolutely hate confrontation. I don’t like to put people out, and I don’t like others to feel burdened due to my actions. Consequence holds hands with spontaneity — good and bad. You never really know what you might end up with until after the fact. I just never want the bad to arise.

But last Saturday I woke up. I realized living that way all the time was making me shy away from opportunity. Sometimes, you just gotta’ say “Yes”. So, that’s what I did.

The opportunity to drive from New York to California landed in my hands; it was heavy, pretty unexpected, and something I’ve never done before. The person who presented it… we have some history. He taught me what love was at the age of 15, and he’s had my heart —  in one way or another — ever since. Ups and downs, we’ve had them. Life has led us down different paths, but the universe has a way of always bringing things that are meant to be back together again. He’s always been “home” for me… but now that home is moving across the country.

So… do I stay, or do I go? Do I try to take a week of work on the road with me? Do I agree to spend eight+ days in a car, traversing our county, stopping at any point, day or night, to explore? Do I set myself up for the possibility of feeling bored, scared, restless, sad… anxious? Do I fully live out what I’ve preached on this blog so many times — to just pick up and go with only a few day’s notice and no plan — to ultimately roam free, on the high of adventure? The answer is obvious…


It feels right, and if my gut says yes… I go.

What would you do?




Stay tuned for more notes from the road!

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7 years ago

Hell yeah I would go! Life is too short to worry about consequences. Besides, it will probably give you great stories for work anyway….. Don’t you dare consider backing out. Spending 8 days traveling across the country with someone you love is a dream come true for most. You won’t regret it! Have fun girl,

7 years ago

These are the things that inspire me on this blog. I hope you have an amazing time.


7 years ago

I would go with my gut too. I wouldn’t make these sacrifices and take risks for a man unless he deserved it and would do the same for me, even still, take very good care of yourself. Make time along the way to call up a mentor and your girl friends to talk about what’s happening. Write, take photos, get inspired, and have fun!

Warm Regards,

7 years ago

I would go in a heartbeat. But I’m with you. I am also not very spontaneous. I am one of those people that likes to know everything and have a plan for every situation which leaves very little room for spontaneity. But if your home is moving and will be with you, what have you got to lose?! Why leave any room for what ifs?


7 years ago

Yay Jana! So inspirational. Enjoy the cross country adventure! <3 <3 <3

7 years ago

I would definitely say Yes!!! You never know when this choice will present itself again. Now, can I go with?! :)

7 years ago

That’s so awesome! I’d say yes! Some of my fondest memories of my life are from roadtrips! There’s always time to settle down, I vote for taking a trip whenever you can!

Be in the moment and enjoy the people and the scenery, it can be so incredibly unforgettable! : )

The Weaver Of Words…..give me 15 words and I’ll tell you a tale

7 years ago

those images are just stunning! i’ve been saying yes more in the last months too. i’m always the kind of person that is terrified of having agreed to something and will frantically try to think of back-up topics of conversation or be racked with nerves, and then the time will come and it’s never so back as i thought. ey dear x

7 years ago

<3 Love you so much. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 And that boy who has your heart. <3

7 years ago

amazing! http://www.artandbrio.com / @terezamc

7 years ago

GO GO GO!!! think of all the wonderful things you will see. each new place will give you something no one else can have. when you allow your self to step out of your comfort zone, when you are truly out of your element, thats when you are able to find some true joy! the trip will open up a side of you you didn’t know you had :)

7 years ago

Inpirational! Thanks for sharing :)


7 years ago

Have such a wonderful time! Cross country drives are the absolute best. Going with people you have a history of love with can be such a scary thought, but it will be beautiful. It may hurt, and it may be hard at times, but my god will it be beautiful.

Julie // Northern Rustication

7 years ago

I would definitely go– I’m pretty spontaneous and am no stranger to impulsive adventures

7 years ago

I totally understand and agree with you.