FP Me Stylist Of The Week: FPBaifraydej

FPBaifaydej has always been a creature of great mystery in my eyes.

I see her photos pop up on the FP Me trending page from time to time, but each one is so different from the next. Always captivating, but so unique. I feel like Bailey is a bit of a chameleon, always channeling a mood specific to each shot. I’m a fan of photos that look like they came straight from a dream, so I think that’s why I’ve always been drawn to her images.

Full time hair stylist/makeup artist, part time FP store stylist and social media queen, Bailey is a creative who currently resides in Calgary where she creates a life full of beauty. There’s been enough back and forth Instagram comments between the two of us that it was about time I reached out and got to know more about her. Take a look below to get inspired and meet her for yourself!


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Where are you from? How has this shaped the person that you are today?

Raised in Alaska, I have an affinity for adventure. I love to travel and revel in new experiences. My Alaska home sits on 80 acres, and is, as some would call “in the middle of nowhere”. I believe that growing up in such an independent and rural state, taught me initiative in pursuing my dreams.  I couldn’t let myself be limited by other’s views and opinions of me, as often times I stuck out like a sore thumb. There weren’t many outlets for my styling passion, so I had to create the atmosphere in which I wanted to live. This lesson I’ve carried with me all through my career. 


Get the look: Cap Sleeve Seamless Cami, Shapeless Denim One Piece, Eshe Platform Footbed

Where do you currently live? Any hidden gems in your neighborhood that you’re willing to share with us?

I currently reside in the old and quaint neighborhood of Inglewood in Calgary, AB. There are so many amazing places near me, as I’m on the edge of downtown. However my favorite spot is just a few blocks away, at Gravity Cafe. They’re tied for the best almond milk lattes alongside Kaladi Brothers in Alaska. 


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 How do you typically spend your days?

I work 6 days a week, as a hair stylist/makeup artist and as a part time stylist at Free People. I also am the store’s social media captain, so I spend a fair amount of time browsing FPME and Instagram, staying on top of what the FP family is up to. On my day off, I love heading to the mountains with my husband. I’m into photography as well, so I really enjoy taking photos any chance I get. 


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How did you find your way to Free People? 

I’ve always loved the brand — thanks to Nordstrom in Anchorage, I had a little taste of what the style was like. I moved to Calgary right before FP came to town, and I was beyond stoked when it opened. One of my friends from Alaska, April Morlock, really got me hooked on the brand and culture. I reached out to her a lot in the beginning and decided to apply for a part time position last summer. 


Get the look: Strappy Front Bra

What do you find is the most rewarding part of your job?

I love seeing how all the stores interact as a unit. Free People is such a culture and lifestyle, and I love being a part of the social media aspect. You really see how everyone interacts together. It’s super encouraging, and fun to watch each store grow. 


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If you could translate your personal style through any song, what would it be?

This is the toughest question ever! I think the song I would pick would have to be “You And Me” by Dave Matthews:

“Wanna pack your bags, Something small

Take what you need and we disappear

Without a trace we’ll be gone, gone

The moon and the stars can follow the car

and then when we get to the ocean

We gonna take a boat to the end of the world

All the way to the end of the world”


Get the look: Victoria Buttonfront Maxi

I love your FP Me pictures, and you have a beautiful instagram accountWhat three tips can you lend that help make a beautiful shot?

First of all… Quality. Take the time to translate what’s in your head to your camera. Don’t be in a rush to post something just for the sake of the post. 

I think consistency is important if you’re wanting to “brand” yourself. In the world of social media, we are constantly looking at everyone’s feeds, blogs, you name it — it’s important, and hard, to keep a clear focus on what YOU want to portray, without falling into comparison. However I think that’s the most important key. Who are you, who are you trying to reach, and where do you want to go? Keep on your own path, and relay that message through your pictures. 

Patience. Some times it takes me a long time to get the shot that I feel portrays the imagery in my head. We are our own worst critics, and often times I will go back through pictures and find I didn’t quite capture what I wanted. If you see something or envision a certain shoot, but don’t feel capable of following through with it, surround yourself with people to get on board with your vision. 



Get the look: Skinny Strap Brami

What are three things you can’t live without?

Can I have a free one…? I feel like family is just a given. And also my husband would be like “where’s my honorable mention” since he’s always demanding “photo creds” when I make him snap a pic for me.

1. Air

2. The ability to travel

3. Sarcasm


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Where has been the most magical place you have ever traveled to?

I have been to so many magical places, and plan on seeing many more. However, for the sake of the question, I’d have to say South Africa. My dad was born in raised in Zimbabwe, and at the time South Africa was as close as we (as a family of 7) could safely get. Growing up I heard so many stories of my heritage… There really is nothing like stepping into a land full of such family legacy. 


What does being ‘free’ mean to you?

Freedom is a state of mind. A choice. It’s being able to stand at our lowest low, and to see that we hold no limitations — that we have the ability to choose how we let things shape us. To me, freedom is having the power to choose. It’s something we all have, but we don’t all put to practice. Freedom is fragile. But somehow, that fragile thing, it makes us incredibly strong if we choose to keep it and protect it.


Get the look: Railroad Brami

Be sure to follow Bailey on FP Me and Instagram!

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5 years ago
5 years ago


You beautiful soul… so proud to call you my friend and fellow Alaskan!! <3 <3 <3

5 years ago

I’d love to go to South Africa, it sounds beautiful – her photos are gorgeous and I appreciate her tips, especially about being consistent.

Warm Regards,

5 years ago

Great interview, her Instagram is beautiful x
eleanor’s adventures // UK Fashion & Beauty Blog

nikki cloud
5 years ago

Oh Bailey you are a beautiful rock star!!! Keep it up bb xoxoxo

5 years ago

The talented Baifraydej- Beautiful inside and out!

5 years ago

She’s got great style!!