How To Take Your Craft Fair Booth To The Next Level

Last weekend, I had the great opportunity to sell some of my little creations at Renegade Craft Fair’s Brooklyn Pop-Up. This is the third craft fair I’ve done in the past few months, and by now I’ve picked up quite a few tips on how to turn a booth into an aesthetically-pleasing, inviting space.

If you ever have the opportunity to sell at a craft fair, you should absolutely go for it. It certainly is a ton of work, but it’s so much fun to create your own mini shop – and you get to meet so many awesome people!

Last year I shared a few essential tips for being a craft fair vendor, and this time around, I want to share some ideas on how to amplify your booth. If you have any ideas of your own, please share them below!

BYOF: Furniture, that is: Lots of fairs will supply a table for you – which is awesome – but to create a space that feels unique, it’s a great idea to bring furniture of your own. I brought a round wooden coffee table, as well as a wooden bench made by my friend Jon who was selling some of his pieces with me that day. Other vendors brought shelves, crates, display cases… some people even built parts of their display as they were setting up!

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Hang things. If you’re selling outside, you’ll probably want to have a tent for your space. Aside from the obvious benefits, having a tent makes it incredibly easy to hang some of your merchandise! Of course it depends what types of things you’re selling, but displaying your items by hanging them is such a great way to add interest to your booth. It brings in a whole new dimension.


I love the way Andrea of YAH YAH Jewelry hung these geometric air plant ornaments using nearly-invisible string at varied lengths. The end result was clean and simple, yet mystical at the same time.

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Use rugs: Jon and I brought three rugs to fill the ground area of our display, which really amplified the coziness and made our whole setup come together. A customer even joked with us that a fog machine was all we needed to complete the chill vibe of our space. Maybe next time!

Add a backdrop: Certain backdrops can really help your merchandise stand out – like a clean white sheet to diminish outside distraction or a colored tablecloth to make your creations pop.

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I love this natural blue tablecloth that Jessie Lazar used beneath her gorgeous ceramic pieces. The colors worked incredibly well together.


The white backdrop behind Cocoruto’s awesome setup really made for a clean, simple display – and the little air plants added a fun pop of interest. My favorite part, though, was the neat arrangement of all the merchandise, which brings me to my next point…

Highlight your favorites, and arrange like crazy: This is your chance to create your own physical shop. Arrange your pieces in unique ways and discover which arrangements you love. Jon and I were constantly re-merchandising throughout the day. Whenever someone bought an item, we’d move things around in order to balance the space and put the spotlight on certain pieces.


Ashley of ABJ Glassworks had her moon phase pieces strung front and center, which is what initially drew me over to her beautiful booth. We actually have one of her pieces available on our site here!

Add special touches. Although your merchandise will certainly speak for itself, adding your own unique touches will contribute to the overall vibe, and make your work even more special.

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I love how Bonnie Levine used big bowls, wooden crates, and even an egg carton to display her adorable vases — and her little signs with tiny drawings on them just made me melt.

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Yvette of Sal Miel used this awesome Hawaiian black lava sea salt in her stunning jewelry display, which really made her pieces pop – plus, there’s meaning behind it. Sal Miel translates to Salt Honey… black salt + honey-colored jewels… perfect. She also displays her tools since she hand forges her pieces – she can even customize pieces on the spot for customers!

(It turns out she’s also close friends with our boys from Manready Mercantile, which makes her extra rad. Thank you for the gorgeous ring, babe!!)

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Renegade, thank you for an amazing day. If any of you guys have tips to add, please leave a comment!

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Megan B
6 years ago

Thank you for sharing all these awesome tips! I’m wanting to set up a booth at a craft fair soon and all these tips are gonna come in handy.

6 years ago

I love all of these tips – a backdrop definitely is an easy way to bring your brand to the next level. I like the mystical hanging pieces too!

Warm Regards,

6 years ago

Such Gorgeous Pop Up Shops!!! Such terrifically creative designs! and best of all it looks like you had a fabulous time!!! Thank you for sharing!

The Weaver Of Words…..give me 15 words and I’ll tell you a tale

6 years ago

I’m planning on reopening my Etsy shop soon and I know in the future, I am going to want to have a booth at a craft fair. I mean how fun does that sound!? Bookmarking this to keep for future reference and thanks for sharing some great tips.

6 years ago

these are great tips!

6 years ago

Wow very inspiring! I have a craft show coming up real soon and I will keep these tips in mind! :D

6 years ago

Great ideas! I would love to try them for a nice party or a room detox!

6 years ago

its me again Rick.. . thinkng abuot selling my stuff at a craft fair what do u thihnk? I make multiple things from red roses to styrophoam sea turtle eggs and everything is in high demandd

6 years ago

I don’t care for the faded out look of this page. The gray print is difficult to read and a distraction from the text.

6 years ago

Dearest Bridgette,

I wanted to thank you so very much for taking the time to share this + your other post about craft fairs. A couple days ago I had my own table set up with my art. I wanted to say your advice and things to know really made my set up successful. Want you to know that there are people reading your great wisdom and using it. Have a wonderful day! xx

5 years ago

Rick, I suggest you focus on spelling first.

Keri Lindvall
5 years ago

Excellent help thanks! Do let your friend with the airplants know, that copper kills them. I have seen them like this before and they are beautiful with the copper but it is toxic to them.

4 years ago

oww that’s coollll

4 years ago

Niche pictur …i like it