FP Me Stylist Of The Week: Hannah_taylor

She lives a life full of beauty and wanderlust… meet our latest FP Me muse, Hannah. 

We have a board on Pinterest called “She’s a Wanderer, Have you all seen it? If not, Hannah’s FP Me profile does a pretty wicked job at representing everything we like that board to be about. Travel, wanderlust, soul-searching… she knows a thing or two about this. I’ve posted her pictures a couple times on our instagram, and I was curious to get the story behind this gal and all of her travels. How does she live a life that’s so full of beauty and adventure? Below, she lets us in on her secret.


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Where are you from? How has this shaped the person that you are today?

I am from Cary, North Carolina. Growing up, my best friend lived down the street and from the time we were little kids we were playing barefoot outside in the lake, woods, and swamp behind my house. When we got old enough to drive we took road trips to the beach or mountains for the day. North Carolina is beautiful, and living in a place that has so much to offer in just one state made me want to see how much the rest of the world has to offer. Having a friend who loved new adventures as much as I did shaped me into the type of girl who would much rather spend my time traveling and exploring the outdoors than sitting inside.


Where do you currently live and what’s your favorite place to spend time in your city?

I just moved to Jacksonville, Florida. I haven’t had much time to explore the city yet, but I can already say that my favorite place to spend time will be the beach. There’s nothing like the ocean. 


 It’s the weekend: Who are you with? Where are you going? What are you wearing?

Well my life the last month has been really inconsistent. I have been traveling all over and moving. When I’m actually home I am usually with my husband and our puppy. On a typical weekend we wake up and exercise, make breakfast, and head to the beach. We’ve lived in Florida for the last year so going to the beach is one of our favorite activities.  I am almost always wearing Birkenstocks, denim shorts, and a breezy tank top from Free People over my bathing suit. The Free Swing Cami and Be Free Boy tank are perfect for hot Florida days.


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Your FP Me profile is full of pictures in the most beautiful of places. Is traveling a big part of your life?

Definitely. I am lucky enough to have a job that allows me to work from anywhere in the world as long as I have my computer, which has given me a lot of flexibility to travel. I also have a husband who is really trusting and supportive. He knows how much I love to travel and is happy for me when I get to visit beautiful places even when he isn’t able to come along. I’m always planning my next trip!


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What is it about traveling that you love so much?

I always get over excited and awestruck by beautiful and unfamiliar scenery. I feel like a little kid everytime I go somewhere different. I think my favorite thing about traveling is seeing how beautiful our earth truly is. The way landscapes and colors vary in different parts of the world amazes me. It’s the same with cultures. There are so many different types of people and cultures on earth and it would be a shame to never experience anything different than your own.


If you had to make a list of the top 5 most beautiful places you’ve ever travelled to, what would it be? 

This is tough because I love different things about each place. Thailand would probably be first. I spent two months there last summer. The people there are so lovely and I always felt so comfortable there. The land itself looks so different from anything I’m used to and everywhere along the coast looks like paradise. There is a beach in Thailand called Railay Beach where bright turquoise water washes up next to huge limestone cliffs jetting out of the ocean. It is breath-taking.

Utah is also one of the most beautiful places I’ve been. I’ve been able to go there a lot the last two years. The state has so much variety. I didn’t know what to expect the first time I went there, but Watsatch National Forest in the winter is gorgeous. When you hike into the mountains the snow covering the forest is so enchanting. All the trees covered in snow hanging over the trails makes you feel like you’re in Narnia.

The Blue Ridge mountains in North Carolina are also, in my opinion, some of the most beautiful. I don’t think I truly appreciated them until I spent time away from North Carolina. In the fall the trees covering the mountains turn all different shades of yellow, red, and orange.

I recently went to Tulum, Mexico. If you ever go I highly recommend getting off the resort and exploring. The beaches are gorgeous but I think what really got me was the cenotes. These fresh water springs are so clean and clear. There is nothing like them.

Southern California would have to make the list as well. I spent two summers living in San Diego and the cliffs in La Jolla were my favorite place to watch the sun set over the ocean. I also met my husband in California, so it will always hold a special place in my heart.


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 Any travel plans coming up for the summer?

 Yes! I will be traveling around Europe for several weeks with one of my good friends. I am going to visit Greece, Italy, and France. I have always dreamed of going to Santorini, Greece and now it is finally happening.


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What are three things you can’t live without?

Sunshine, coffee, and the people I love


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What are your favorite Instagram accounts you turn to for inspiration?

Rachel Brathen is definitely one of them. Her account played a major role in inspiring me to try yoga and now yoga is a huge part of my life. I also admire her because she struggled with scoliosis and managed to stay positive, take care of her body, and become a great yoga teacher. I love Amanda Bisk for similar reasons. She struggled with chronic fatigue and had to give up some of her dreams. She now inspires others to live healthy lifestyles. When I look on Instagram and see her posting pictures of workouts and healthy meals it makes me want to take care of my body. When I see people like Rachel and Amanda overcoming physical issues and taking care of their bodies I feel like I can as well.


 I heard you just got married! Congrats! Can you tell us a little about your ceremony? Where was it set? What was the most memorable part? Honeymoon plans??

Thank you! We held the ceremony outside in my hometown in North Carolina. It was really relaxed. My bridesmaids and I went barefoot and wore flowers in our hair. My dress was from Grace Loves Lace and was really comfortable. The most memorable part was right after the ceremony when our photographer swept us away to do some portraits. It gave us a chance to take it all in and be together for a little bit after the ceremony. We can’t take our honeymoon until December, but right now our eyes are set on Moorea, French Polynesia.


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 What does being ‘Free” mean to you?

Being free, to me, means chasing after the things that inspire you. It helps to surround yourself with people who support your dreams. There is nothing more refreshing than being with kind people who love you for yourself. 


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7 years ago

Gorgeous pictures, inspirational lady ! Love it <3

7 years ago

Stunning pictures!

7 years ago

Loved this one so much!! She seems so great & I’m jealous of her life and travels!
xx http://www.nuunablog.com

7 years ago

Congratulations on her marriage! She has such a beautiful Instagram feed!

7 years ago

A woman who lives a life full of wonder, joy and constant adventures. Her enthusiasm for life and her all round outlook on life is inspiring. Don’t just exist, live!


7 years ago

Her Instagram has made the travel/wanderlust bug in me get even more excited about future travels. So beautiful!


7 years ago

Congratulations on her marriage! Beautiful pictures

7 years ago

Love this photo and the Instagram feed! What’s everyone’s IG name?

7 years ago

Love this photo and the Instagram feed! What’s everyone’s IG name?


7 years ago

Amazing spirit!

7 years ago

love this! I would love, love, love to work with you guys! Such a beautiful concept!

7 years ago

Beautiful pictures! Make me feel like going back in time, traveling to the gorgeous beaches in the Caribbean sea…though Thailand looks awesome as well :)