Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of September 14-20

What does the universe have in store for you this week? There’s only one way to know…

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August 23–September 22

A faceoff between Jupiter in Virgo and Neptune in your others angle this week calls for you to balance your quest for personal growth with sensitivity to other people. You’re susceptible to being deceived or disappointed by someone now, so use your characteristic pragmatism to offset your current optimism. If you sense that you’re growing out of a particular relationship, don’t stunt your own growth in an effort to hold onto that person. Be true to yourself, allow things to take their natural course and grieve the loss if need be. You’re in a process of exploring your own potential, and you may be hoping for someone’s support on your journey and feel they’re not there for you. Equality is especially important this week, so don’t set yourself up as a savior to someone else or vice versa. With Mercury turning retrograde in your worth zone, it’s time to reassess what’s valuable to you, avoid splurges and think of new ways to make and save money. Consider how your self-worth colors your attitude toward finances and possessions. Saturn is reentering your roots angle, where he’ll be lingering until 2017, turning your attention to your backstory. Reflect on the past—without recrimination—in search of lessons, and be willing to change your perception of it. Try to understand your emotions; don’t judge them. Figure out where your greatest strength lies, and begin to build on that. Saturn is compelling you to know where you come from and where you’re headed.


September 23–October 22

This week’s opposition between Jupiter and Neptune could lead you to do some soul-searching. If you’ve been feeling somewhat adrift in your day-to-day life, you’ve probably turned within for answers. Your job, health or productivity doesn’t seem to be under your control, and you could be questioning how you spend your time. Perhaps you’re at a point where you feel disillusioned with the world of work and long to serve a higher purpose or do something more creative. Spending a lot of time in your head can distract you from doing what you need to do. You may be increasingly interested in metaphysical pursuits and have difficulty tuning into more mundane business. Try to apply your spiritual leanings in your everyday existence, striving to be of service to others. With Mercury beginning to backtrack in Libra, a few weeks of self-reflection are in order. Think about how you present yourself and whether or not your image reflects the whole you. Be prepared for some tongue-tied moments, and maintain your sense of humor. Saturn’s reentry into your cognition-and-communication zone sets you up for a couple more years of examining your habitual mindset and the ways in which it influences your interactions and experiences. Consider how you were conditioned to think in childhood and ask yourself if you need to unlearn any ingrained thought patterns that no longer serve you. As your brain gets more discerning, don’t become overly pessimistic or doubt your own intelligence. Rather, focus on studying and/or writing, as well as expressing yourself more honestly.


October 23–November 21

This week’s faceoff between Jupiter and Neptune could generate friction between your longing for ideal self-fulfillment and your aspiration to have a positive effect on others. You could be chasing a romantic or creative dream, and what feels so real to you may not measure up to a group standard. Love and joy might seem elusive, especially if you’re searching for your own identity and viewing a cherished person or experience through rose-colored glasses. Try not to fall into the “I’ll be happy when…” trap. Jupiter is increasing the benefit you derive from your friendships, professional affiliations and group connections, so you should extend yourself and enjoy socializing and support. But you should also believe in your own ability to make the world a better place. Finding your spiritual purpose will help you to contribute something meaningful. Mercury’s retrograde turn in your subconscious corner lures you to listen to your intuition and reflect on the past, letting go of regrets and guilt. You’re liable to say something you didn’t intend to, so you may want to hold your tongue. With Saturn segueing back into your worth sector for the next couple of years, you’ll turn your attention to values, finances, possessions, resources and self-esteem. Get serious about gradually shoring up your security, and take stock of what you have going for you. Consider what you need and what you base your self-worth on. Don’t criticize yourself if your limitations become all too apparent. Get clear on your priorities, and try to understand the lesson behind a loss.


November 22–December 21

An opposition between Jupiter in your ambition angle and Neptune in your foundation zone this week could highlight any tension that exists between your worldly strivings and your more subtle yearning for peace and quiet. You’re on the brink of setting bigger goals for yourself, but you might be plagued by a vague, uncharacteristic inclination to settle in and get comfortable. If you feel a little lost inside, playing it safe may hold as much appeal as aiming high. Jupiter’s position at the top of your chart calls for you to build up your career and your public reputation, but Neptune could make home life equally alluring. Or you might be conscious of losing something or someone in the course of leaving your past behind you and racing toward your future. Maintain your belief in what you can achieve, but don’t sweep your feelings under the rug. Try to balance your inner and outer lives now. Mercury is going retrograde in your network sector, suggesting the next few weeks could involve misunderstandings with friends. Don’t jump to conclusions. Focus on reconnecting with old acquaintances and professional contacts and reflecting on your wish list. With Saturn moving back into Sagittarius, the next couple of years call for you to continue to redefine yourself on your own terms and prove what you’re made of. Saturn is telling you it’s time to learn who you really are. He’ll test your strength, and you may feel the need to conserve your energy, channeling it into getting your life in order.


December 22–January 19

Jupiter in your expansion zone is opposing Neptune in your mindset house this week, so you could become confused over what’s true. Information and communication often seem muddled lately, as your mind drifts into higher realms. Imagination, spirituality and intuition lure your attention, making everyday interactions and the intake of info less straightforward than before. You may find yourself doubting things you used to be certain about, and flexible thinking will work to your advantage. Be open to changing your views on life. You’re becoming very inspired to learn and explore different beliefs and ideas. Try not to dwell on the loss of assuredness, but rather, embrace the possibility contained in the unknown. Philosophy, religion and metaphysical subjects are apt to be especially appealing to you now. Ponder what words like knowledge, wisdom, consciousness and intelligence mean to you and what your related aspirations are. With Mercury starting to backpedal in your ambition angle, be careful what you say around authority figures such as your boss. Over the next few weeks, turn your attention to reviewing your goals, redoing your résumé, reassessing your career path and public image and revising any plans that aren’t working. As Saturn settles back into the last house in your chart, the next couple of years call for you to go within and reflect on your past without judgment or guilt. It’s time to cut your losses and let go of anyone and anything that no longer serves your growth. Seek solitude, get more rest and do some serious soul-searching.


January 20–February 18

An opposition between Jupiter and Neptune this week alludes to possible friction between personal insecurity and expectations of sharing. You may feel unclear on what you need or want and what you have going for you, but you’re painfully aware of what you’ve lost or stand to lose. Your priorities could be a bit muddled, and your self-confidence may not be very steady. But you’re in the process of discovering values of a more spiritual nature and reorienting yourself accordingly. Meanwhile, you’re hoping to draw on outside resources and learn from other people. Understanding your own underlying drives will prove beneficial. It could seem like something tangible is slipping through your fingers, while you’re gaining something much more subtle. The positive changes in the coming year may not be very obvious, but they’re likely to have staying power. With Mercury going retrograde, it’s time to find out what you don’t know and need to learn, reexamine your beliefs and regain your perspective. Travel will be quite challenging in the next three weeks, so be patient with delays and detours. As Saturn reenters your hopes-and-humanity house, you’ll need to shift your focus back to your wish list and your network in the coming couple of years. Friendships and professional affiliations will be tested and either end or grow stronger as a result. Consider the roles you play in various groups, collective causes that you’re dedicated to and your social commitments. Think about where you’re headed next and who can support you on your journey.


February 19–March 20

Jupiter faces off against Neptune in Pisces this week, which could generate friction between you and others. Unclear expectations, misplaced faith, mixed signals and mutual projection could create problems. The idea that people see what they want to see is likely to ring true. Neptune in your sign can make you feel unseen or misunderstood. And although Jupiter is emphasizing the opportunity to learn about yourself through your relationships, Neptune may tempt you to lose yourself in one or sacrifice too much for another person. It’s important to balance your faith in others with faith in yourself. You’re in danger now of overestimating someone else and underestimating yourself. Seek equal relationships where you both help each other. As much as you can gain from close connections, you also need to know who you are on your own terms. You may not be showing your true self to people if you’re not sure who that is. It’s normal to feel lost at times, but don’t ever give up on yourself. You’re worth finding. Mercury’s retrograde turn lures you to reclaim your personal power, rediscover an old source of passion, review issues around give-and-take and dig into an unsolved mystery in the next few weeks. Saturn’s ascension to the top of your chart spells two more years of focusing intently on your goals and putting your abilities to the test. Let your own definition of success be your guide. Conquer your fear of failure and resolve to fulfill your potential and achieve your dreams.


March 21–April 19

Jupiter in your efficiency house opposes Neptune in your spirituality zone this week, calling for you to reconcile the appeal of keeping busy with the lingering question of “What’s it all for?” It’s not easy to contemplate the meaning of life when you have lots to do, and the tension between your inner and outer existence may become noticeable now. Although you’re an action-oriented sign and about to start piling responsibilities and activities onto your plate—if you haven’t done so already—part of you feels wistful, perhaps even melancholy. You may sense a hole in your life that you can’t put your finger on, and you’re unconsciously trying to fill it with busyness. Doing work that holds personal meaning for you and carrying out duties that serve others could quell discontent. With Mercury beginning to backtrack in your one-on-one angle, misunderstandings are likely in the next few weeks. Ask questions to clarify someone’s intent if you’re unsure, rather than reacting too quickly. This is an appropriate time to renegotiate the terms—spoken and unspoken—of a relationship. Old communication issues could crop up with someone close to you. Compromise is the best solution if you run into trouble. Saturn is reentering your outlook zone until 2017, prompting you to synthesize everything you’ve been through lately and work on formulating a philosophy that guides you into the future. Seek consciousness, as well as the education you need to make a worthwhile contribution to the world. Explore new territory in an effort to become wiser about the world.


April 20–May 20

With Jupiter in your joy house facing off against Neptune in your network sector this week, the tension between doing what pleases you and hoping to fit in with others is apt to arise. During its yearlong transit, Jupiter is inspiring you to express your individuality and reach for what makes you happy. But this opposition introduces the concern of where your quest for self-fulfillment leaves you with your friends and other groups. As you change, it’s natural for you to meet new people and grow apart from some of those in your current circle. Learning more about yourself seems related to losing some personal connections, and you probably don’t relish the idea of cutting old ties. Have faith that you’ll find yourself surrounded by people who are meant to be in your life. Being your authentic self will help you to form connections that are right for you. As Mercury begins to backpedal, crossed wires on the job and scheduling glitches will become more common. Be flexible, and keep double-checking info. You might research a health issue, reorganize your calendar and workspace or reassess your methods and habits in the next few weeks. Saturn’s reentry into your merging house signals a couple more years of delving deeply into the inner workings of relationships. You could learn the hard way what it takes to share values, money, resources and sex with someone else successfully. This is a good period to face a fear, heal a psychological wound and work for real intimacy.


May 21–June 20

Jupiter in your foundation angle has a faceoff with Neptune in your ambition corner this week, generating tension between your inner and outer lives. You might be more fired up about home improvement, moving or entertaining than career building lately. Hanging out in your own space probably has more appeal than conquering the world if you’re not sure what direction you’re headed in. You may wonder what you’re supposed to be chasing after and feel disappointed by a lack of progress. Tuning into your emotions and building up your inner confidence will help you to regroup. Think about what got you this far, and believe in yourself. You may need more downtime in the coming year, especially if you feel discouraged about achieving your goals. With your ruler Mercury going retrograde in your fulfillment sector, your mind may turn to past pleasures and loves. This is a good period for rediscovering a previous source of joy, but rekindling an old flame isn’t the best idea, since everyone’s judgment will be somewhat impaired. Rework a creative project and get reacquainted with your inner child. Spontaneous play is favored, as is finding new ways to express your personality. Saturn is crossing back into your relationship angle for the next two years, pushing you to go public with something you’ve been working on. You could enter into a committed relationship or business partnership during this time, as you’re feeling more ready to get serious. A particular bond will likely be tested—and will either break or get stronger.


June 21–July 22

An opposition between Jupiter in your cognition-and-communication sector and Neptune in your expansion house this week is apt to create some friction in your head or in your interactions. You’re on a quest for the truth and may have trouble distinguishing between your personal truth and a more objective take on things. If you embrace the fact that the distinctions between you and others are being blurred by Neptune, you can seize the opportunity to learn from people who are very different from you and perhaps discover some inspiring common ground. It’s crucial to keep an open mind and have faith that all is connected. Put your ego aside, and recognize that there is so much more to be gained by assuming you know nothing than by acting as if you’ve got everything figured out. Have the courage to linger in a place of not knowing. A mystical approach to seemingly intellectual matters will reveal new layers of meaning. Mercury is turning retrograde in your foundation angle, so the next few weeks call for you to reflect on private memories and feelings and to dream up ways to improve your living situation. Try to understand how you got to where you are now, and make peace with the past. Reconnect with relatives or rethink an old family issue. Saturn’s reentry into your efficiency zone prompts you to take better care of yourself, sharpen your skills, foster productive habits, take on more responsibilities, streamline your schedule, develop a serious work ethic and use your energy wisely.


July 23–August 22

The opposition between Jupiter in your worth house and Neptune in your merging sector this week brings up the complexities of give-and-take. Your needs and wants are increasing, but you’re unclear on what you can expect to get from others. Outside resources aren’t available to you in the same way that they were, and sharing money, values and sex may have gotten confusing. Fortunately, you’re gaining confidence in your ability to take care of yourself. Maximizing your talents, figuring out your priorities and managing your assets wisely will help. Strive to actualize what you value most in life. In your quest to secure what you need and want, try not to grow wary of interdependence. And don’t focus so much on the material world that you neglect the deep healing process or personal transformation you’re undergoing. You’re changing in ways that can’t be seen, and you need to tune into your psyche and perhaps confide in someone you trust. Your internal evolution is as important as your concrete aspirations. Mercury’s retrograde turn spells three weeks of miscommunication and transportation delays, so try to be patient. You could have a lot to say but find it difficult to express yourself clearly. This is a good time for rethinking or rewriting something and reconnecting with siblings or neighbors. Saturn is moving back into your fulfillment zone, initiating another two years of focusing on play, pleasure, creativity, love, happiness, children and self-expression. Get serious about bringing out the best you have to offer, and work to conquer your inhibitions.

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6 years ago

Yah! Love these horoscopes you put up! I always look forward to them.