Seeking Walls

I have this thing with walls.They surround us. We live inside them, we walk around them, we put them up and knock them down. Some are colorful, others plain. They may just shelter you, but they inspire me.

For years, I’ve found myself taking pictures of walls. Walls covered with ivy, graffiti and windows. Walls made out of brick, wood, stone and concrete. It’s funny because I love open space, exploring nature, and the way I feel when I’m in the woods. But, it doesn’t change our reality. We have walls. New buildings are going up, old buildings are crumbling in a beautiful way, creating art among the walls that survive. They feel so organic and historic, and sometimes so new and modern. These walls are surrounding us, and I’m on a quest to capture them all.


Take a look around this weekend. See any new walls being built, or being deconstructed? Capture them. They are all a work of art that should be remembered!

+Do you ever find yourself snapping photos of walls? What city have you visited where you’ve noticed the walls are works of art? Let me know in the comments!

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4 years ago

Beautiful! They draw my attention as well at times, mostly when I’m in the city or in someone else’s house :)

I also have a thing for walls! When I’m traveling, I normally have a zillion pictures of street scenes focusing on the textures and colors of the walls. Something about them feels so endearing and best capture the mood of where I’m adventure. Have you ever seen some of Rome’s walls? SO COOL!

4 years ago

Wonderful pictures! I love how you capture the special charm of every wall.

4 years ago

I think I share the same fondness for walls that you do! Last summer I visited New York and it’s a no brainer that the walls are pieces of art there. More recently, I visited Portland with my boyfriend and we fell in love with the beautiful brick walls covering the city as well as Voodoo Donut’s pink walls.