Get Your Home Holiday Ready With This Dreamy DIY Hanging Wreath

Find out how we’re readying our homes for the holidays with this DIY Hanging Wreath!

It’s always a treat to enlist a little DIY help from the folks at Terrain, as they help us devise some of our favorite seasonal DIY’s, while doing so within their beautiful space. To to kick off the celebratory season, we’re collaborated on making a dreamy wreath that will make your home holiday ready, no matter what the occasion. Hang it above the dining room table, or upon entry into your house…we’ll leave the placement up to you. Here’s how we did it!


Supplies Used:

Garden chandelier hook

Hanging bud vase

Grapevine wreath

Snow berry garland

Cotton stem

Preserved lunaria



First, find a good location for your wreath — inside or outside of your home — and secure the chandelier hook in place. I would recommend hanging it above your dining room table or in the entry way of your home! Once you’ve found the spot, you can place the grapevine base in the hooks and start building out the wreath.


The chandelier hooks come in handy as a grip to hold in garlands and other holiday accents. The first thing we added was snow berry garland.


We wanted the color palette to remain earthy and soft, and so we added in cotton and other fluffy notes like preserved Lunaria.



A few Tillandsia here and there are fun to add in for a bit of green. Feel free to add in any type of garland or earthy accent you’d like. Just keep wrapping and piling on top of each other until you’ve achieved the look you’re going for.


To finish off, we tied some of these cute little Hanging Bud Vases to the grapevine wreath base and placed tiny greens in them for more of a chandelier look.


I love the way these look hanging from the wreath!


A big thanks to Terrain for helping us out with this post and providing their gorgeous space. If you havn’t made a trip to the store yet, now is the perfect time to see their holiday displays!


+How are you getting your home holiday ready? Let us know in the comments below!

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8 years ago

What a great idea! I never would have thought of hanging a wreath as a chandelier.


8 years ago

Wow, this is lovely. I don’t have a good place for this right now but, I’m definitely saving the idea.

8 years ago

This is so fun and pretty! I live in the south so the cotton would look great in a wreath and in my holiday decor. Thanks for the inspo and the great images in this tutorial!

Megan B
8 years ago

Love this!! Definitely gonna make it!! except i’m cheap as f**k so i’m gonna make the chandelier hooks haha, doesn’t look too difficult to replicate…i think lights hanging off of this would be so pretty.

8 years ago

Sooo beautiful! I’ll have to see if I can recreate this with some thrifting involved, cuz I’m definitely not about to drop $300 on a wreath haha.

8 years ago

This is stunningly beautiful! Would we good as an advent wreath as well, right? You just have to add some candles!

8 years ago

Beautiful DIY


8 years ago

Feeling super inspired after seeing this post!

8 years ago

I’m loving this idea. So beautiful and organic. You all always have the best decoration ideas, especially for the holidays.