Sunday Spotlight

Get to know the things we’re loving this week!

Sunday Spotlight is a series where we choose and discuss our most favorited things. Maybe it’s that new catalog item that just hit the site, or something else we just can’t live without. Here’s what’s in our spotlight this week:



Port Royal Over The Knee Boot

I never really thought the thigh high boot trend would fit into my personal style landscape, if you will. It’s not that I’m not a fan – I love the way they look on all the girls on Instagram – it’s just that the look seemed a bit unachievable for everyday life… a.k.a. the office.

Then I saw these boots hit the site and I was like, “Yes that’s my look.” I love that although they hit me about 2 inches above the knee with a super sleek fit, they have a really casual feel. The flat bottoms mixed with the rough looking leather give them a very accessible vibe that definitely meshes with my own. If you’re feeling hesitant about the trend, but wanting to explore – I’d say these are the perfect training wheels. Enjoy :)



Suede Winterized High Tops

I think I deserve an Oscar when it comes to walking in heels. It may look as if I’m owning everything when I strut, but if I’m being honest, heels are the worst. They’re just not comfortable. No matter what style or how many Dr. Scholl’s cushioning inserts I put in, I’d just rather not. I’m more of a boot girl, I love boots. Sneakers are cool, too. I used to think they were only appropriate at the gym, but that changed when comfort moved up a few spots on my life priority list. These Puma’s are hot. I have them in the low-top style, and I wear them all the time. When I saw the high-top version and was like “mmhmm, okay. Bag it.”



Spring Sparkle Flat

When they start making heels that feel like sneakers, I’ll wear them all the time. Until that day comes, I’ll be forever on the hunt for flats that feel just as pretty. I love the look of a stiletto, especially when paired with a more casual pair of jeans, but when it comes down to it, I hate being slowed down by my footwear — I’m what you could call a fast walker, and my brain and body just don’t connect when a pair of heels are on my feet. Like the rest of the world, I too have been obsessed with lace-up flats lately and the Spring Sparkle Flat — an exclusive to Free People — is my favorite iteration of the style, perfect for holiday parties and New Year’s Eve alike.

+What are you loving this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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8 years ago

Lace-up black flats are definitely on my holiday wishlist.

8 years ago

I need over the knee boots! They’re so gorgeous!
Kelly xx

8 years ago

Those over-the-knee boots look BADASS :-)

8 years ago

The thigh high boots look incredible, I love that look!