Sunday Spotlight: What We’re Loving This Week

Get to know the things we’re loving this week!

Please welcome Sunday Spotlight: a new series where we choose and discuss our most favorited things. You know…the things that excite us and make us believe that life cannot move forward without them. Maybe it’s that new catalog item that just hit the site, or a beauty product that’s confirmed the fountain of youth really does exist. What are they? Why do we like them so much? This week, we’re discussing our favorite FP products that (if not already a part of our everyday wardrobes) are eagerly waiting, in our shopping carts, to be shipped home.

Here’s what’s in our spotlight:



<3 Skyline Platform Ankle Boot <3

Hello? Hello. Hi…It’s me, Julie. I see you have a pair of ankle boots over there…those gorgeous, rust hued beauties with the impossible heel and the perfect ankle-hugging rise? Yeah…HAND ‘EM OVER…why? Well, ever since my first introduction to ABBA in the 4th grade, I’ve never met a pair of platforms I didn’t like. Add to that an unexpected color and make them boots and they’re pretty much guaranteed to end up in my closet eventually. Is it fate? Obsession?…A relentless quest to channel jumpsuit-clad disco goddesses of decades past? Regardless of motive, this particular pair, the Skyline Platform Ankle Boot, will go nicely with pretty much everything I’m loving right now, from floor-skimming dresses and calf-grazing midi skirts, to everyday jeans and jumpsuits. Bonus: they’re actually walkable. Because mobility is always a plus, you know?



<3 Lace Up Layering Top <3

To preface this pick, I’d like to explain that I basically only wear one type of fabric (ever): technical. Period.

I’m not a fan of cotton, denim isn’t reallllly my thing and satin/silk is just a little weird to me. So, unfortunately, this weird aversion I have to the vast majority of fabrics in the world leaves me with a fairly small option for clothing. If I’m looking to score an amazing pair of leggings or jacket or even a super cool skirt – I’m totally fine. However, when it comes to tops…well, technical fabrics just haven’t really penetrated the market yet in the way that I want them to. I mean sure I could find a nice workout tee or tank, but sometimes I just really want a top that I can wear with a skirt or pants that doesn’t prompt the question, “are you going to the gym?” No, I’m not going to the gym! I just love technical fabrics! Anyway, long story short, this top is amazing AND it’s made of a technical fabric. I have it in 4 colors and I’m not kidding, the first time I wore it to the office my coworker said to me, “are you going out after work?” So, if you’re like me and totally kill it at the gym but maybe take a few L’s at the office – you should probably buy this top. 



<3 Golden Rows Slouch Pant <3

If any of you readers out there know me by now, you probably could have guessed that my pick was going to be a pair of jazzed-up pants, likely with a dropcrotch. My friends joke that, most of the time, all I wear is “Pajanas”– clothes that I could most definitely (and do) sleep in, but ones that I also deem acceptable to wear out in public. Most of what falls into this category is, well, the majority of my pants. Leave it to my girl Mara Hoffman to totally feel me on this one when she was designing the Golden Rows Slouch Pant. She pretty much gave the all-clear for soft pants to ‘turn up’ but, like, wayyy up. Everything I could ask for in a pair of britches has been sewn into the above white & gold magic that you see. They’re chill-worthy enough for a sophisticated sleepover…yet without a doubt, head-turners at any NYE party on the block. Cheers!



<3 Cross My Heart In Lace Tunic <3

All of the little details in this dress make it so special. Not only do I love the keyhole cutout and the high neck, but I also love how the skirt moves in such a whimsical and effortless way. The Cross My Heart In Lace Tunic is extremely versatile, too. Wear it with a slip and some thigh high socks, with vegan leather leggings, or denim skinnies! No matter how it’s styled, it always looks spectacular! It’s such a romantic piece and I can’t wait to add it to my wardrobe.

+What are you loving this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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8 years ago

I’m loving the lace up trend lately!
The dress is absolutely gorgeous!
Victoria | Chronicles of a Mermaid

8 years ago

Those are really favorites, I love them all! Hope you visit my blog!

Nazlıgül | on my own way

8 years ago

the Snuggle Up Jogger :) I felt it and it’s insanely plush. Looking forward to Sunday Spotlight!

8 years ago

love this series, love the models choices!

8 years ago

I’m so in love with that tunic, it looks beautiful!

8 years ago

Those pants are killerr

8 years ago

I love the light tones of all these outfits, so beautiful!
➳ Jessica

8 years ago

Kait you’re making me lol so hard

8 years ago

Also I wore that top yesterday, so, same.

8 years ago

We’re in love with those gorgeous chunky boots! – we’ve got some stunning suede bags that would go perfectly with them!

8 years ago

Pajanas ahahahahahahahaha!!

8 years ago

Suede and lace up!