Old + New: Vintage Christmas Ornaments

I’ve always been a lover of mixing vintage pieces with new, even when it comes to the tree.

Tradition is a word almost synonymous with holiday. So for me, tradition comes in a brown paper box, with a hand-painted, Shiny Brite vintage ornament inside. Each year I find myself anxiously waiting to see which ornament (or two) I will be adding to my collection. Aged from the 40s and 50s, they are delicate — almost so fragile that, if you so much as move the wrong way with your hand, a tiny glass ball of history shatters between your fingertips. Each painted in such a sweet, vintage way. The patina and sparkles get better and shinier with age and, simply, I’ve begun to really love this little collection of mine.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Along with continuing my old traditions, this year I decided to start a new one. I wanted to add these vintage ornaments to my tree, but begin to incorporate a new collection of ornaments that reflect my history. To maintain my tree’s vintage vibe, but still look current and modern, I’ve began mixing the eras together. That’s where I got a bit creative. I added sparkles to my branches, sprayed snow on a few, and tied vintage ornaments onto a couple new ornaments that have quickly become some of my most-prized. One of my first and favorite combinations resulted from tying vintage ornaments to my star ornament. It really created a story for the tree and helped blend the look I was going for.

+ Your holiday traditions — what are they? How are you mixing up your ornaments this year? Let me know in the comments!

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6 years ago

I love vintage Christmas ornaments, although they are pretty expensive. But they have that special look!

6 years ago

These pictures are dreamy! I love the detail on vintage ornaments..My grandmother had a number of beautiful ones that I hope to have one day.

6 years ago

I love this! I need to hire you to come decorate my tree for me next year. Most of the time I don’t use a lot of color but I love the tones in you used <3

6 years ago

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing <3

6 years ago

Oh, thank you for this article. These ornaments remind me of my grandmother, whom i miss dearly. She used to go all-out with her holiday decorations. Some of them were kind of cheesy, but most of them were beautiful. I miss those days.