To Do: Reflect On 2015

Setting aside time to reflect on 2015 might just make 2016 all the better…

I’m going to keep this post short and sweet. As we roll into 2016, looking back on the year prior is sometimes rather surprising. A lot can happen in 365 days, more than we might expect. Have you ever taken the time to jot down all of the highlights? I did this a couple days ago. First, it was harder than I thought. I assumed my memory would store all of 2015’s special moments in one place, but it actually took a dig through old blog posts and photos to get a full refresh. Second, it made me really excited for the future. Reading back over my list of all the big things, my accomplishments, made me look to 2016 with a big smile. Real big.

Here’s mine:


Want to try it?

First, find a place to write everything down. A piece of paper, a journal, a note on your phone…anything!

Next, think. Even if you have to think hard. Think about all of the things that made you smile, that made you laugh, that were life-changing, think about the things that made 2015 stand out.

Then, write them down. The order isn’t important, just make sure to get all of them on that piece of paper.

End with a review. Read back over everything you wrote down, and set a few goals for yourself in 2016. How are you going to improve in the new year? What do you want to accomplish? One thing that may help is to note each day’s best highlight, every night before you go to bed. Buy a journal specifically for this, and fill it up over the course of this next year. It’ll help make the reviewing process next January easier, and it’ll help you lock in memories of your favorite days.

So who’s in? If you need a place to write down your “2015 year in review” list, you can do it here! Feel free to share yours in the comment section below :)

Have fun!

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8 years ago

Jana, I loved meeting you last year at SXSW – your event was so much fun and chatting with you made my day! Wishing you lots of joy and wanderlust for 2016…and hope our paths will cross again at SXSW or anywhere else!

xx Angela

8 years ago

This is such a lovely idea. I just bought a new Kikki K journal for 2016 am already well in to filling it up! I’m looking forward to reflecting back over everything in 12 months when, more than likely, I will have forgotten 90% of the events, thoughts and feeling I’m jotting down.

Shona x