Weekly Roundup: How To Wear The Bodysuit

This week? How to wear our bodysuits…

How do you wear a bodysuit with (just about) every piece in your wardrobe? It’s easy. Tucked in or layered, a few of our friends are doing the honors and showing us just how it’s done.


High Rise Roller Skinny, Pieces Of Me Bodysuit

FP Amber



FP Amber


Basic Bodysuit, Check Plaid Shirt


Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

Pull On Kick FlareBasic Bodysuit


Photo Creds: @babynative, @Kateparfet,  @iamber, @victorofvalencia, @kirbyjoanna, @nikki_fishstix, @amy.paine

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4 years ago

Love the bodysuit!! Such a classic look. http://www.lovesthefind.com

4 years ago

Does anyone know how to fasen the free people horseshoe belt? I could not really tell in the picture on the site.

4 years ago

Loooooove this! Super helpful xo


4 years ago

I can’t help but feel this was a bit short of your usual attempts here, guys…. Jeans jeans jeans jeans and then pretty much nothing else at all? Free People do some fab skirts or sheer/lace slips and jackets etc, where are they?!

4 years ago

I have to agree with Romany! I can’t believe you only showcased how to wear your bodysuit with a pair of jeans! Under flirty, sheer, crochet/lace/macrame maxi skirts and dresses. With the right one, you can even get away with wearing a shorts bodysuit under a knee or floor length kimono style sleeved cardi.

4 years ago

Models look like prisoners of Auschwitz-
They are creepy looking-/skin and bones
Sorry, But I just have to be honest. It is distracting from the beautiful clothing. Don’t want to see overweight models either, but healthy looking models would be awesome!

4 years ago

Gia those are awesome ideas I especially like the macrame suggestion as an alternative I never thought of that one :) and I cannot agree more with KB about the lack of promotion of healthy looking models here in a ‘healthy living’ orientated blog/brand.

4 years ago

Instead of incriminating different body shapes……why not offer ALL body shapes. After all…we are human and to be human we must all differ from one another…..in body and mind!

4 years ago

The blog lacked any new insight into fashion, I agree with everyone above. But, over all, Zulusmoon has the most valid point, in my opinion. KB / if you don’t want ‘skinny’ models nor ‘fat’ models – who exactly fits into your criteria?

4 years ago

I’m young and very vulnerable… please photograph models that are healthy, for my own health.