Festival Season 2016: What Are You Excited For?

Festival season is on its way — we want to know what fests are on your radar!

Miami’s always drawn in a huge crowd for Ultra, the first music festival I attended, but it’s rapidly grown year after year with the rise of the electronic scene. The same goes for a many festivals on the circuit.

I think back to the day I walked into Ultra, and it’s a day I’ll never forget. One of the best I’ve ever had. Not only just listening to the music, but seeing the type of community that was built around the love of one thing. Everyone dancing together, wide smiles, friends making new friends…no matter what festival you attend, it’s the music and good energy put out by the people that makes each one so special.


Festivals are everywhere — worldwide, touching some of the biggest cities while making their way into our very own backyards. Not just musical gatherings, but cultural and spiritual ones, too. We’ve always re-visited our favorite festivals as each year presents new lineups, new music and new experiences — SXSW, Bonnaroo, Outside Lands, Pitchfork… It’s been fun to have a presence at these fests and gather fresh content.

But what I want to know is what festivals you guys are super excited about this year. The ones you absolutely can’t miss out on, and the ones that leave a lasting impression, maybe even one that lingers for a lifetime.  From music and art, to wellness and culture, to the new and undiscovered… what are the festivals in 2016 that you’re most looking forward to?


Leave a comment below and let us know! Maybe you’ll see us around ;)

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5 years ago

Outside Lands of course!! Can’t wait to get tickets :)

5 years ago

Exit!!!! Can’t wait !!

5 years ago

I have attended Outsidelands for the past three years and it just keeps getting more and more crowded….so my friends and I have decided to try something new and are going to Life is Beautiful in Las Vegas this year instead….I’ve heard great things about it (and its a similar format to OSL) I cant wait!!!

5 years ago

Otis Mountain Get Down in upstate NY! Bluegrass and jam music in the middle of the Adirondacks!!! It is run by a group of best friends from college and it is truly magical. Will change you for the better.
CHeck out the website and the 2015 recap!


5 years ago

Lollapalooza! Although I have a ton of festivals on my bucket list that I want to attend, lollapalooza is the one I attend every year. It holds so many good memories <3

5 years ago

Sziget festival !!! Electric Castle!SummerWell !! MOX ! aand Untold !

5 years ago

Pitchfork! Nothing like Union Park in the summertime :)

5 years ago

I’ve never gone to a festival so I’m hoping to change that this summer after senior year :D Def looking to go to Coachella and Rise, maybe Stagecoach too and California Roots!


5 years ago

I’m looking forward to some smaller festivals around me locally, Mad Tea Party Jam, Pasture Pallooza, Domefest, the Big What, and Camp Barefoot are on my list for this summer! Floydfest in Floyd, VA is a great mid-sized festival and features a range of music styles, highly recommended!

Megan b
5 years ago

I’ve never been to any festivals. But, there is one in my town in early September called Walnut Valley Festival they have it every year at the fairgrounds. I’ve lived right down the street for about 3 years now and can always hear and smell the festivities as they happen. It also turns our little town into a hippie oasis for about a week. It’s cool to meet the people that come from all over the world.

5 years ago
5 years ago

I’ve gone to Coachella and electronic music festivals many times over the years and even Outside Lands last summer. I always love going to those big festivals, but recently the smaller ones feel more intimate and exciting. They’re unexpected since you don’t always know who is playing. Most of the people that play at the smaller ones (like at Desert Daze or Beach Goth) are full of up and coming artists. I’m always looking to hear some good new music to love. I’ll be heading to Suspended in a Sunbeam in Apple Valley March 25-27. I’m looking forward to camping there too! So stoked!

5 years ago

Sasquatch!! <3 :))

5 years ago

We are headed to Coachella in two weeks, which I cannot wait for because I haven’t been there since 2010. But, coming from Chicago, we have an incredible lineup coming up this season. We’ll for sure be at Pitchfork (my favorite), Lollapalooza, Riot Fest and Mamby at the Beach and then some. I love the vibe of a good festival…can’t wait! XO

5 years ago

BEARDFEST — Hammonton NJ — June 16th -18th
One of the best up and coming jam/jazz/funk/rock/fusion bands -Out of the Beardspace- curates a spectacular lineup that gets better and better every year.
Cory Henry of Snarky Puppy, Start Making Sense, Moon Hooch, Screaming Headless Torsos Heath/wellness & environmental workshops all in Philly’s backyard — the beautiful Pine Barrens of NJ. Dance on the sand or in the water with some of the best people (and pet friendly). Beautiful inside & out!

5 years ago

Late the to party here, but Euphoria in Austin, TX has my heart . Got engaged there this past April and it was magical.