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Make rainbows an everyday occurrence — get inspired below!

Rainbows crossed my path nearly every day while visiting Puerto Rico… single, double, even triple bands stacked on top of one another. Rain is inevitable on the island, though most of the time it lasts only minutes. If you’ve ever looked at my Instagram… well, it’s a no-brainer. I’m fascinated with light. The way it reflects, overlaying colors and patterns on all that it touches.




Rainbows are optical illusions caused by water droplets viewed at a certain angle, with sunlight positioned from behind. Find yourself in the right place, and in the right atmosphere and thus, a rainbow for the eye to see.




What if one was able to create a rainbow at any time? To possess the power to produce this magical phenomenon in the palm of her hand? With the right tools, it is, in fact, possible. A number of things can mimic a rainbow, but I like to switch out between two different objects, both of which also create a kaleidoscope effect when looked through:

  1. A prism
  2. A crystal


I’ll admit to keeping one of them with me wherever I go, for a visual treat or for creating interesting photo effects.


My crystal is a chandelier teardrop — I use it to cast light reflections on a wall or a photo subject. Shooting directly through the crystal will produce a kaleidoscope effect, even mores when using a phone camera since the lens is smaller.

You can use the same techniques with a prism. Yes, the prism that you used in your science classes growing up. You can buy one cheaply via Amazon. The prism does a better job at producing larger scale rainbows — you just need to position it correctly in the light. It takes some trial and error but, once you find the right spot, it knows exactly what you’re looking for.



Currently, we carry Kaleidoscope glasses that are essentially everything in one. Perfect for festival season, fun to wear, but even more fun to take photos with. Have fun!

+How do you bring rainbows into your life? Let us know in the comments below!

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