Meet the New FPMe!

FP Me is back… and better than ever!

If you haven’t familiarized yourself with FP Me, now’s as good a time as any to join in. With a whole slew of new features and better incentives, it’s a fantastic way to see what your girl gang is wearing and what they love. Read on to learn more… we hope to see you soon. <3



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Lindsey Pengelly
7 years ago

Love the Fpme community ! & thank you for bringing us all together !

7 years ago

Hi there,
I would love some information about how to become a part of FP!
I am launching a very unique and different luxury ethical Fair Trade Collection and very site looks like a great fit to me to get the word out.
Please take a look at my site and let me know your thoughts.
owner – Lotusland

Matti Aja
7 years ago

Absolutely love FPme and I LOVE the fresh new update! Thank you Free People for giving us such a beautiful place to stay inspired <3

7 years ago

I love Free People. The clothes are so amazing and comfortable.

7 years ago

I love F.P. The clothes are amazing.

7 years ago

I’ve always loved FP Me – it makes Free People unique and I love looking at the different ways people style items. I’ve loaded almost 100 pictures but since the site change I’ve had problems uploading to FP Me, which is a shame.

J. Vance
7 years ago

I have seen your clothing pop up as I surf the net and thought to myself,”wow that is so cute”. BUT, today I decided to stroll your entire website and all I can say is, I’m in love with Free People (FP) and completely inspired to loose weight so I can fit your clothing. LOL. I’m 51 yrs young and I’m from San Francisco. I grew up in the Haight and Ashbury neighborhood during the 70s. Needless to say your clothing line has taken me back to that time period which was a very happy time of my life. I wore these outfits, my mother and older sisters wore these outfits, carried these purses and wore these shoes OMG. I strive to be fashionably different, but unfortunately I have lost my personal fashion style. San Franciscans use to be known for having individual fashion style. I moved to San Diego and lost my fashion uniqueness. I fell into suburban mommie mode. Viewing your clothing on this website has tounched me to my core and brought back happy emotions inside of me that I had lost. Unfortunately, I don’t know if I will ever be able to loose enough weight to fit your clothing, but I’m going to try. I want to fit at least your XL. (LOL) FB you carry size 11 shoes, bless your heart and your are affordable. Wow, Im inspired to loose weight and drop this size 18 frame so I can regain my sence of style which will be Free People for sure. Thank you!