The Scrunchie Comeback Is Fall’s Mood-Boosting Hair Phenomenon

The season’s buzziest hair accessory is doubling as a friendship bracelet…

“Oh yesss, I needed a grunge-y plaid and a witchy velvet…” mused JJ, Vogue’s Editorial Business Coordinator as she pulled her chestnut bob back with the plush cobalt hair tie and clapped her hands excitedly. “This scrunchie is making me so happy right now,” said Stacey, an NYC-based fashion executive who grabbed a teal pleated version worthy of spring’s runways. “This is even making my arm look cool!” laughed Gia, a marketing executive wearing a sequined rose gold number over her wrist like a sparkling bangle.

Determined to find out if the recent hype about the return of scrunchies was as real as the street style phenomenon that’s been playing out on the ponytails of It-Girls like Lily-Rose Depp and Selena Gomez, I landed in Manhattan with a handful of the finest poufy elastics and a mission — to gauge the stylish city-slickers’ reaction to these real-life adornments. Already wearing a multicolored lurex adaptation around my topknot, I was sold on look (more subtle than a bow, more fun than a bun alone…) and the style that resulted once I let my hair down. “Look at my beautiful scrunchie wave,” texted Jessica, proud owner of a fashion showroom and plaid rendition, along with a selfie of her perfectly post-elastic beachwaves.

“It looks like Gucci!” whispered feisty fashion consultant Victoria whilst turning the champagne silk brocade tie over in her hand with a nod of approval. “Scrunchies are my faaavorite stealth accessory!” enthused Kristom, a PR exec (and early adopter of the trend) of a pineapple printed option. “When you’ve run out of things to wear, they’re such an easy way to bring life to an otherwise dull outfit.” And as a doubly effortless update to laid-back, can’t-be-bothered cool girl hair, scrunchies may also be the most budget-friendly gift that doubles as a friendship bracelet this season. And with that, I rest my case.

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Blast back to the past! I’m not sure if I’m really feeling the scrunchie ATM, they’re too large and annoying to keep around my wrist as I usually just keep my hairtyes there… but I’m sure they’ll grow on me again.

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

3 years ago

I love scrunchies!!! When they first came out a year ago I believe! I thought they weren´t going to match my style. But slowly, I got a few (I don´t even know how, to be honest) And now, I don´t know if my style has evolved in some kind of way, or if they are way too cute, but when Im not using them as wrist accesorie, I have one in my head! hahahah

3 years ago

Love it!

3 years ago

Does this mean I actually saved something that has come back in style?? LOL, I will have to reach into the dark recesses of the closet to find my ‘vintage’ scrunchies that I just couldn’t part with!!!

3 years ago

If I see it on a man bun, it’s over!

1 year ago

I only buy the velvet ones as they hold on to much better than the silk and chiffon, they feel much pleasant than the hair bands and hair clips.