#GirlsDreamBig Sweeps

This really couldn’t be any kinder — give advice to your thirteen-year-old self, and enter to win a trip to New York and immerse yourself in all sorts of beauty!

The rules? Easy. The reward. Immeasurable.

Check out any of our participating stores:

Rock CenterStudio CityThe WoodlandsKing of PrussiaWest LoopPalo AltoPortlandDenverBirminghamLexington.

If one is convenient to you, stop by and ask one of our store stylists for a Post-It. Consider what advice your thirteen-year-old self would most appreciate, write it down and add your note to their DreamBig wall. Upload a photo of your masterpiece to Instagram using the hashtag #GirlsDreamBig.

If a store visit isn’t an option, simply upload your image to IG using our pre-made FP Post-It! 

Or…upload your image using any Post-It — from home, school, work, the plane, your bed, what have you…

One Grand Prize Winner will receive a one-night trip for you and a friend to NYC at @1hotels for a FP x @girlsinc volunteer day inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold. Plus, you’ll get one of our dreamy beauty boxes!

5 First Prize Winners will receive one of our holiday beauty boxes!

Also… Join us November 28 for a day of shopping online and in stores — 25% of profits will go to Girls Inc.


+ Contest runs now through 11/28, so grab a Post-It and go! Terms here.

A very special thank you to Girls Inc. and Post-It for making this possible.

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What a great giveaway! Thank you for always doing these! :)

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

6 years ago

Love this! x

6 years ago

To my 13 year old self I’d say, when you find out your parents brought you into America undocumented, don’t close yourself off. Your friends will be so supportive of you and your mom!

6 years ago

Do we instagram the photo or instragam story?

Judy Ann Javate
6 years ago

To my 13 year old self, you’ve been a good girl since then. Stop worrying what’s ahead of you, enjoy being a kid! Smile, you’re too young to be stressed out.

6 years ago

I would say…
“Tara, you are never wrong for being kind… and never wrong for breaking free from those who choose to be unkind… it’s the only way back to true self and freedom. So, don’t doubt your kindnesses… just trust that a cycle of harm is never broken by harming self or others. There is only freedom in truth, kindness and compassion. Be true. ❤️

Mikayla Roka
6 years ago

You are a bright light and the only one who needs to see this is yourself. It won’t come tomorrow or a year from now but it will come in waves and you must hold onto those days because they get you through the tougher self love days.

Danya Boyd
6 years ago

I would say…
“Always listen to your mother..she knows best. Follow your heart and know that you are loved by the ones around you!” ❤️❤️

Katheryne B-L
6 years ago

Dear 13 years old self, don’t worried about other’s opinion! Just be yourself and enjoy your life no matter what! Yes there will always be someone to tear you down but NEVER let them win and do not give them the satisfaction to hurt you. You’re strong and you’re beautiful! Don’t be so affraid of everything, you have to live your life to the fullest! And more then anything, enjoy your time while it last because life goes by so fast! Have a blast!

Macarena Calderon
6 years ago

Im too not my self, what happens with me, that happy girl who forget that feeling of enyrhing care, dont care what people think about you o the problems of tomorrow, she tell me, that i have to be more free.

Nancy Araiza
6 years ago

Don’t be afraid to speak up. Speak what you think and what you are feeling. Do not let others bring you down, you do you boo. Because at the end of the day, it’s only you and the universe. Never be afraid to spread your wings!

6 years ago

Dear 13 year old self,
If only you know what life has in store; yes it messy and can suck at times. Don’t be afraid to take healthy risks. Enjoy the time youth of growing up. Cherish the small things along with the big things. Don’t let the weight of the world and the choices that are made; make you. After all everything you do makes me who I will be tomorrow. Love yourself; let your head and heart rule.
And always remember you are special.

6 years ago

To my 13 year old self,
I would say that lifer is a mystery, tricky, exciting and scary at times. Most of all do not be so fast to grow up. Enjoy your time just simply being a kid; it is the only time in life were you do not have any obligations finically. The best thing! All you have to worry about is HW and asking your parents to buy you stuff. Now that is life lol! Also for all of the people filled with hatred against you, that is their problem do not consume yourself with the toxicity. Concluding with this amazing quote “darling, you don’t need all that armor. Because what lives inside, they can’t break.” JM storm

6 years ago

God create you and there are no mistakes even when people/family around you say different..when you make it through this stage strap up your boots there are plenty more to come..stop asking God why you are so kind…you were created to be kind that’s why you still kind at 56…surround yourself around people that lift you up not tear you down..or better yet #BEKIND

6 years ago

Dream BIG, don’t let anything stop you. Those bullies that make fun of you really are jealous of the beautiful person you are. You might think your parents are embarrassing but nobody had the Brady Bunch family just rember you are loved.

6 years ago

Never try and be someone your not , always be you , be kind and never judge .

6 years ago

Hi Girl,
Believe your self , forgive yourself! Stop worrying too much and be kind to others.
You are beautiful inside and outside!!

Heidi marie carlson
6 years ago

Self-confidence is beautiful on everybody. Everybody is weird in their own way.

6 years ago

I would tell my 13year old self to find something you love and find out how to do it better than any one else. Because the future shows us that who ever we are, what ever gender , size, color or origin, someone will accept us, like us, and support our biggest dream.

6 years ago

First I would introduce myself as a fun confident 13 year old who has lots of dreams and loves to give love to those that don’t believe in themselves . I would tell myself to run and have lots of fun. Not to let anyone tell you that your not worthy of all the blessings to come,because those who speak of this are really the ones that see and believe in you but want you to doubt your own ability to be the best you can be .

Belinda Cash
6 years ago

Dear 13 year old self
You are Enough! Never give up on your Dreams. Be kind to one another. Finish school because having an education is very IMPORTANT for your Life ahead. Enjoy every day you are here. Smile all the time. Love with every fiber in your body. And remember no one knows what tomorrow will bring.