Tech Talk: Savvy Self-Care

When it comes to self-care, there’s something a tiny bit unnerving about bringing technology into the equation. We tout the benefits of ingredients from nature, the upside of going green, etc. etc. And while I’m an outspoken proponent of clean products and only putting stuff on your body that you wouldn’t mind eating (but please, don’t eat your cleansing balm if you can help it), there is something to be said for adding a few tech-savvy tools to your routine.

You see, sometimes there’s stuff a plant just can’t do — or that gadget can do better. And while a lot of the self-care gadgets out there are simply gimmicks to get you to add yet another tool to your beauty arsenal, some really are worth it.

Take, for instance, this ingenious ice roller from Vanity Planet. Sure, you could dunk your face into a bucket of ice water every morning, then jade roll, then repeat. Or, you could throw this baby into the freezer and let it work it’s magic in a matter of seconds. The Revive Professional Ice Roller is a dream product, no plant-based serums involved. Roll it over your face, your neck, your chest — heck, roll it anywhere you please — for near-instant de-puffing thanks to its stainless steel-icy temperature combo. It also helps calm redness, irritation, sunburn and bug bites (helloooo, summer skin).

While we’re talking temperature-aided tech tools, let’s not forget Vanity Planet’s Hot & Cold Rejuvenating Facial Wand. While the magic this want imparts isn’t quite Harry Potter-level, it’s pretty magical in the different things it can do for your skin. Shifting between hot and cool settings (alongside sonic vibrations), this wand helps to 1) open pores to better absorb serums, creams and moisturizers and then 2) closes those pores to lock in whatever you’ve applied and help tighten up your skin. To get these same results sans wand, you’d need a freezer, a bunch of ice cubes, a steamer/a very hot shower, and a totally sterile environment. This cuts steps and tools way, way down.

Still feel like you can’t get your skin clean enough? (One note on this: Skin can be “too clean.” Stop scrubbing — it’s bad for the flora and fauna and general natural balance of your dermis. And while it may feel nice for a bit, it’ll ultimately do more harm than good if you keep insisting on a squeaky clean face.) If you promise to proceed with caution, I’ll tell you about the Glowspin Facial Brush to cleanse, exfoliate and generally keep the skin on your face happy, clean and glowing. Not only does it get into your pores to lift the dirt and makeup your regular cleansing might miss, it also helps gently remove dead skin cells to brighten your complexion.

And while you’re at it, why not lean on gadgets to get your whitest, healthiest smile ever with this baby? Take it from someone who relied on a standard toothbrush for years, only to have a very sobering dentist visit where she learned she had five cavities at once — an electric toothbrush is one-thousand percent worth it. Not only does your mouth feel impossibly clean after each use, the Dazzlepro lets you customize your brushing experience — seriously, it knows you — and sanitizes your bristles with UV light so none of your bathroom bacteria finds its way into your mouth.

See, sometimes tech isn’t all that bad if you know how to get along with it.

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I always read about these extra techy skincare products, but am way too stingy to buy them. They sound really tempting though!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

5 years ago

Me too! They are so tempting :)

5 years ago

I would STRONGLY advise against the facial brush and physical exfoliation.
Chemical exfoliation is significantly gentler (AHA/BHAs – lactic and glycolic acid) or do some hippie stuff. But physical exfoliation is too uneven and too harsh.