Why Summer Sweaters Are The 90s Revival We Need Right Now

Because whatever the temperature, balance is key…

Yes, sweaters in the summer are cool — and not just because Gigi Hadid and Selena Gomez have obsessively been photographed in them for the past few sometimes-steamy-sometimes-straight-up-chilly months. What else are you going to pull over a teeny Acacia bikini once the sun sets and temperatures drop? How better to add a bit of pure-class coverage to that strappy dress on date night or at your next family-filled wedding? When temperatures rise, the trick is keeping the perfect balance and proportions, not throwing out your sleeves.

Even for beach babe enthusiasts, barely-there tank tops and hot shorts are simply not enough wardrobe equipment for an entire season of occasions — and if there was ever a doubt, turn to the 90s revival we’re experiencing. The film icons we’re hoping to reimagine today are still part of our dreams because of their cleverly completed ensembles. Look to Liv Tyler in Empire Records, strolling in the sun and pouting at outdoor dining tables in a plaid schoolgirl mini paired with one perfectly cloud-soft blue pullover. Or what about Cameron Diaz in There’s Something About Mary? Unquestionably her most heartbreaker-focused role, she spent much of the film traipsing through a Florida heat wave topping her midrise jeans and sheer tanks with fitted cardigans, the resulting hot-for-teacher look burned into teen fantasies for two decades.

Below, four undeniable ways, from classic stripes to breezy pullovers, to master timeless summer sweater moments of your own:

The Right Stripes: 

Is there ever a wrong stripe?




Just My Stripe Pullover Sweater









Striped Short Set





Ballerina Softies:

Feel free to get inspired by an extended viewing of the early noughties art school cult favorite, Center Stage.




Wrap Me Up Pullover









Latte Cashmere Sweater 





Beach Babes:

Dive even further back to the 60s and 70s — and take a cue from the ever-babely Brigitte Bardot.




Break Away Pullover Sweater









On A Boat Sweater Dress





90s Cardigans:

The ultimate 90s staple, from Never Been Kissed to Jawbreaker.




Kinsley Cardi









We The Free Call Me Cardi 


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Such cute pieces, the 90s is one of my favourite times in terms of fashion! The break away pull over sweater is so cute! ❤️❤️

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago

Great selection! <3

4 years ago

Love these! I can wear these at the office right now- unfortunately, it’s in the 100’s outside right now (in Phoenix). I can’t wait for fall temperatures, so I can break out the boots, too!

4 years ago

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